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The Mist BY kane1878 One might argue that books are always better than their movie remakes, and one might argue differently. Everyone has a different opinion on that topic however everyone must agree to the fact that no movie and book are identical in every way. “The Mist” by Steven King is one of those books that has been transformed into a movie. In this case, the movie was directed by Frank Darabont and although there are many similarities, they are also different in many ways.Some of the differences are very simple such as relationships between characters and the overall experience of the movie and book. However, some are more complex like changes in the characters’ personality.

In the beginning of the book it seems to be very family oriented, with Dave (the main character) putting his family first no matter what the situation. While in the movie the family aspect does not come in until later on in the story line. This is due to the story line slightly changing and the main character coming across in a different way to the audience/reader in the movie compared to the book.The book setting starts out during the storm before the mist rolls in. “I don’t want to scare you,” I said, “but there’s a bad storm on the way, I think” She ooked doubtfully.

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“There were thunderheads last night and the night before, David. They Just broke up. ” “They won’t do that tonight.

” “If it gets bad enough, were going downstairs. ” “How bad do you think it can get? “… “I don’t really know,”…

“But the wind can come off the lake like an express train. ” (King. 1. -5) However in the movie it starts out after the storm has finished, leaving Dave no reason to look for or protect his son during it, which leads to a different story line. In the movie the son is Just on a store trip with his Father where in the book his son is oing with him so his father knows he is safe due to him being very protective. After noticing simple details such as this, one may find that they have a preference for the book aside from the movie or vice versa due to how the main character is portrayed.Relationships between characters are a big part of every story.

In the book “The Mist” the relationship between Dave and his son is very obvious and bold, however in the movie the son does not seem to be as big of a character in Dave’s life until true chaos breaks out In the book Dave is always with his son. He is standing by him and protecting him. “Something in the fog! he screamed, and Billy shrank against me- whether because of the man’s bloody nose or what he was saying, I dont know. ” (King. 3.

8) This is Just one example of how Billy (his son) relied on his father for protection. Like few times in the book, where in the movie Dave leaves his son alone much more often. At one part of the movie, Dave goes off to try and get other supplies that are not available for them at the store they are hiding in. As any sane person would do, he left his son back at the store, however the difference is he did not tell his son he was leaving, he did not say good bye or give him a hug. All Dave did was tell another lady in the store to watch out for him while he was gone.

This is different compared to the book because in the book he hugs his son before going away and he almost never leaves his sons side This is an example of how in the book Dave and his son have one kind of relationship where in the movie he has another. While reading the book I had a much different experience compared to watching the movie. In the book things went very slowly, with a suspenseful theme aside from what one may expect which was more of an action book, including more interaction etween the monsters and characters.Within the first 50 pages of the book, the only thing that occurred was Dave and his son going from their destroyed home after the storm to the store they end up hiding in. This shows that the book was not as action filled as one may think due to the way it was advertised in things like reviews and summaries. When comparing the movie to the book the movie seems much more action based.

An example of this is form the moment Dave tries to fix the broken generator to the moment the boy gets taken away and killed by an unknown monster, it was one thing after another.At first no one believed Dave when he said there was something outside, then someone volunteers to go outside and fix it, and Just like that the boy died. There was no waiting time it was only action throughout all. After reading the book and watching the movie one will realise that the movie is more based off of the book, instead of it being a movie remake replica. One can now see that if you are looking for action the movie would be a better option where if one is looking for suspense then the book is the perfect option At the end of the day the book “The Mist” written Steven King and the movie “TheMist” directed by Frank Darabont, are based on the same story line, however they both leave the audience with a slightly different experience.

One of the reasons for this is that the movie give a much different feel at the beginning of the book. The movie shows the main character wanting to get things done aside from protecting his family. Where in the book he is all about how his family is top priority for him. Another reason previously mentioned is the relationship between characters, with Dave and his son standing out as one of the most important ones.

In the book Dave is ll about his son and keeping him safe where in the movie the relationship does not seem as strong/ it is not focused on it as much. The last reason talked about was the overall experience for the reader/audience. The book gave more of a suspenseful feeling to the reader, aside from the movie that gave more of an action filled and thrilling feeling to the audience.

When it is all said and done no movie is the same as the book it is based off of and vice versa, but in the end everyone has a different opinion on every kind of media a story line is shown in.


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