The implementation of the information systems is a


The implementation of the information systems is a task assigned to
an IS project manager. The change agent team defines the project goals in terms
of schedule and scope and reviews the final technology options and
implementation details. Intermediate assessment of prototypes can help to
refine IS requirements and facilitates the collaboration among stakeholders.
During implementation the change agent team should evaluate if architecture
updates are needed and ensure the consistency between physical implementation
and the architecture.

The approximate times at which the various stages of the Change
Management Continuum Model should occur for the implementation of a major
enterprise system are as follows:

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at 0 month

at 3 months

at 7 months

perception at 12 months

at 16 months

at 18 months

after 18 months





Many project based organizations PBOs start by managing a few
unrelated projects but soon become aware of the benefits of sound project
management practices, so they need to adapt and change. For several reasons
this is not a straightforward path and there are several difficulties along the
way. The proposed methodology combines both aspects of change: the hard
(processes, procedures and information systems) and the soft (employee’s
motivation, communication and leadership), such that the PBOs can successfully
change to a future organization. The proposed methodology supports a PBO
throughout its change continuum, enabling the organization to dynamically
respond to changes triggers.

Many years ago change management staff they work on just the soft
issues, for example the culture, leadership, and motivation. And these elements
very important for the people to success in this filed, other ways managing
these parts not enough to implement the projects. The other part which is about
the communication with employees. Also its not easy to change behavior or
relations. Those parts deeply firm in said any company and people. Additional the
culture or traditions levels can be go badly in the companies surveys and


The project reviews time between the few project teams will be
short for some of these teams. Also the team leaders need to review the project
process every two weeks. Some of the best team’s staff joined the effort full
time. The company’s HR will do their best to Hiring staff for the teams, then
it will be great cycle how the best staff have motivation to involve in multi
action. During the project process and the transformation, organization should have
promoted some of the team’s staff to the team leader positions as a recognition
of their performance.


The organization’s change program led to in profit of millions of the
value of the project. There were several times during the project process when the
inertness rate rise to high in the organization then there is really threat to
stop the change efforts. The company’s high level management they belief the
way to increase the company performance is to follow the four key of successful

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