The not for entertainment, Facebook, whatsApp and instagram

The smartphone that is between your hand is not for entertainment, Facebook, whatsApp and instagram only It contains a large treasure named play store Here is a list of apps that are unique to different domains 1. Cognito An amazing program of brain exercises daily and activates brain cells in a stimulating and fun.2. Duolingo & Memrise To learn any language in the world in a creative way .. Starting from scratch step by step .

. English, French, German, Spanish and others .. 3. Athan It reminds you of prayer in a way that communicates with the brain. 4- water tracker Reminds you to drink water as your body needs (height, weight and activities) because it is a health mistake to get your body to the stage of thirst.

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 5. Udemy & Coursera Apps for lessons in all fields in English! .. 6.

TEDIt offers you the opportunity to download videos and offers you all the videos that TED work .. You can choose the language you want and thus you can watch the videos translated to your language .. 7-Hall …

You will find all the lessons  about any field, whether in the site or the app 8. TalkEnglish Standard The best application ever to learn English ..

And you will find lessons for the conversation and even for writing and everything you need and increase 9 – The Muslim iskar. Special for memorization and Astgfarat on the side of the screen .. In addition to the morning, evening and evening 10- weather clock and wedget From the weather you can see weather and rain throughout the week 11- Never miss fajr It works on your ruins to pray the dawn and can not be extinguished only the number of specific pressure determined by the mathematical issues or solve, for example13.

SWorkit A program for sport, both strength and fitness and you can choose timing, duration and quality. 15. ABA Excellent program for English through videos and then ask you to write a summary of it and what you benefited 16- HEREA very important program for maps, roads and beauty in it does not need the Internet to guide you to a specific place because it carries maps on your computer. 17.

Oxford Go to the definition of course for those who are looking for English English 18. Wattpad Special for reading lovers pdf is very practical .. 19- Sleep cycle A program that you use at least 3 times and you are asleep to avoid harm, but will inform you about the time you covered in sleep and whether you really relax your body and your mind or not. Strange program 20 C S The program is better than any natural scanner clearly and cutting paper and the property of Magic.



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