The Design. Top ranked and conferences for the

purpose of research and creative
activity at the Division of Architecture in the School of Architecture and
Engineering Technology is to make a substantiial contribution to the body of understanding
and knowledge in our discipline. The Faculty must have established original and
meaningful accomplishments related to research and creative activity, which adds
significantly to the body of knowledge within the discipline.


Evidence of performance in the area of research can be exhibited through: the publication of books; the
publication of articles in refereed journals of national or regional
reputation; the publication of articles in other journals, newspapers, etc.;
electronic publication in a refereed context; papers read at international,
national and regional conferences. It includes
published citations and/or reviews about architectural projects, publications,
or exhibits. 

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Faculty publishes research in
peer-review journals such as: the “Journal of Architectural Education”;
“Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians; and “TAD, Technology | Architecture + Design. Top ranked and conferences
for the Division of Architecture include those given by, the Association of
Collegiate Schools of Architecture, S.ARCH (Sustainable ARCHitecture) and the
Architectural Research Centers Consortium, Inc. (ARCC).


Evidence of performance in the area of creative work includes
being chosen as a subject for a published article or having works included in
an exhibition catalogue, invitational exhibition, or traveling exhibition.
Formal recognition of other related work in significant invitational or juried
art shows, museums, or galleries are also acknowledged.  Additionallyv1 v2 v3 , the area of licensed professional practice and consulting is
considered through accomplishments in: building design which advances the
state-of-the-art. Other evidence includes: buildings designed and/or constructed
that receive design awards given by professional organizations or journals at
the local, regional, national, or international level; designs published in
professional journals, the mainstream press, whether digital or hardcopy distribution.
Competitions entered and won are also among recognized achievements.




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