The of online shopping is that people usually

The study was
accomplished to discover the effects of online shopping towards the attitude of
consumers, female consumer working in private sector, buying behavior in Turkey.
Online shopping is getting more and trendier in Turkey as well as in rest of
the world but the

velocity of online
shopping in Turkey is slower as compared to the developed countries.

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The scientific approach to online shopping is related to the
characteristics of

consumers, their decision to buy and affecting factors for
shopping online. Based

on the analysis of scientific literature, the affecting
factors for online shopping are

divided into the following 4 groups:

Technological factors: good knowledge of information technologies and their use
for obtaining the knowledge, capabilities for the use of applications and systems.

Consumer-related factors: an attitude to online shopping, cultural types, loyalty,
ease of use, consumer education and income, usability, risk and trust, provider
recommendations and customer reviews, age and previous online shopping experience.

• Price factor while shopping

Product/service factors: the availability of product information on the website,
product type


According to result
of this survey, consumer’s marital status, age and title in work place has
great influence on shopping decision. When a consumer to make purchases online
to buy something, she is affected by assorted factors. The main influencing
factors have been identified as, price, confidence, security, convenience,
time, after sale service and discounted deals. The price factor exists because
the prices are often lower through online shopping as compared with physical
purchases in the market. Buy online can be of great benefit to the consumer in
terms of convenience, saving time and money.


One of the prime
obstacles in the way back-up of online shopping is that people usually get
petrified when the other computer demands the complete details of the
customers. Due to which a customer gets anxious that her personal details may
get disclosed and their precious money and account details get damaged. Tranquility
is obviously necessary given that the consumer must share personal information and
financial information when shopping online. That makes trust and confidence an
important factor.


Recommendations on how to use the important factors in
online shopping could

be aimed at developers of websites and owners of e-stores.
They should change

their marketing strategies giving priority to customer
orientation and they should

be particularly focused on the ease of use of online
shopping services. E-stores

should devote resources to better understand consumer
behavior, technologies of

future and their development.



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