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Thetwo spirituals that caught my attention were the religious spiritual and the blues.The religious spirituals are mainly religious and specificallysing about the greatness of the Almighty God. The spiritual mainly aimed atgiving slaves hope for a better future and brighter days. The spirituals wouldtell of a day and time when slaves would be unshackled and become free. Slavessang these tunes throughout the day at their work stations, plantations andfarms. The songs provided the slaves with some form of mental escape from theirharsh and cruel reality. The Blues was another form of vernacular traditionthat African Americans also used to tell stories. The ability to use tales totell tales was a trait similar in the spirituals and The Blues.

AfricanAmericans told tales of their experience as slaves and their hope foremancipation through spirituals and blues. The blues came to existence at atime some slaves had begun to achieve their freedom, however, a majority ofthem were still trapped in slavery (Quill, 2003). The religious spiritual andblues are in some ways the same because as I mentioned before they both have todeal with oral platforms of expression and the characteristic of telling talesof success and accomplishment.  Onemain aspect of difference between the blues and spirituals was the awareness ofthe directive of success. The spirituals enclosed a life of so much success andachievement, considering the blues was more geared toward a more human andrealistic categorization of hope and success. The spirituals zoomed in ongaining spiritual success and divine intervention.

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The blues, on the other hand,focused on human accomplishments but the spirituals focused mainly on God, andmost of the songs mentioned God, the blues were civil. The blues did not rejectGod, but instead targeted the joys and sorrows of life without mentioning God.Another difference between the two forms is the association with the Americanculture.

The spirituals were composed of a blend of the African traditions andpractices with American traditional and religious practices. The slaves stillpracticed their traditional religious beliefs that they carried from theirancestral homes. The slaves inculcated these traditional practices into theSpirituals.

In contrast, the blues came at a time when slaves were becomingliberated and receptive to the American culture (Quill, 2003).Inconclusion, the two spirituals that caught my attention were thereligious spiritual and the blues.  Vernaculartraditional forms of expression such as religious spirituality and the bluesbecame common forms of expression among slaves. The African slaves used songand dance to communicate to encourage and give hope to each other so that theycan overcome the slavery days. The vernacular traditions allowed the blackcommunity to truly express what they felt in their heart and minds in only away that they could.     WorksCitedQuill, C. (2003). Thehistory of the Blues.

The Rosen publishing group. New York



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