The your destiny is chosen by you.

The point Mills is trying to get across in the article The Promise of Sociology is that sociological imagination is a way that people thinks which connects mankind’s private troubles with public issues of society. Mills states in his article” when society is industrialized, a peasant becomes a worker; a feudal lord is liquidated or become a businessman. When classes rise or fall, a man is employed or unemployed; when the rate of investment goes up or down, a man takes a new heart or goes broke. So as you can see Mills is trying to tells us that social science plays a role about how the feelings of mankind and actions are connected to the establishment and social organization in which they resides.
Mills does a very good job at demonstrating how classical social science incorporate and gives attention to biography, social structure and the past. Mills said it best and I quote “Neither the life of an individual nor the history of a society can be understood without understanding both. Yet men do not usually define the troubles they endure in terms of historical change an institutional contradiction”. (Mills)
Mills uses social sciences and also uses this imagination to ask question about the past and how the feelings and behavior of mankind are affix to the establishments and social pyramid in which they live.
The weakness in Mills could be said by many people that society does not change someone’s life, that your destiny is chosen by you. History does not effect everyone in this world, everyone in this underdeveloped world, ancient ways of life are not broken. The problem for sociologists like Mills is that these notions of individual and the establishment and the rapport between them are thoughts of in term initiate by a very common righteous frame in modern establishments.

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