The chose “Maquilapolis – Promotoras” and “Beyond Medicine:

videos that are part of this module all include impactful processes to many
communities. Although I watched them all, I chose “Maquilapolis – Promotoras”
and “Beyond Medicine: Removing Legal Barriers to Health” for this assignment. 

– Promotoras” was created to depict the adverse effects of industrial pollution
in Chilpancingo.  As illustrated in this
video, the industry has had a massive negative impact on the people and also on
the natural resources found in this particular area.  Industrial dumping has led to a hazardous
livelihood of the individuals living in this location; for instance, the river
pollution is deemed too much to the extent that it has been considered unsafe
for use. “Beyond Medicine: Removing Legal Barriers to Health” was created to show
how poverty and poor environmental factors can affect health and how a
partnership between MetroHealth Medical Center and the Legal Aid Society in
Cleveland can address legal barriers that block healthcare for those who needs
reach beyond their means by income and/or immigration status.

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pollution is the main issue addressed all the individuals depicted in the first
video and addressed by the promotoras.  It
is quite visible that the industries which have been set up in the location
have a significant toll on the natural resources, for instance, the river, thus
its quite evident that it is a significant health hazard.  It’s also apparent that industries waste
dumping has led to multiple medical problems as addressed in the video.  These medical issues have both affected the
children and even the adults living in the location.  What once used to be a clean river, has turned
out to be a hazardous river thus the people living there cannot use this
natural resource anymore.  Legalities
within healthcare in an area that is poverty stricken and beset with immigrants
(mostly from Hispanic countries) and ex-convicts is the main issue addressed in
the second video.   The healthcare providers and attorneys
involved form a union to ensure the people involved in this community can get
follow-up care to make an actual difference in improving the lives affected.

all the evidence gathered, the promotora model can be termed as a success since
it is backed up with evidence of the present problems facing these communities.  From the videos, we can see the hazardous
state the dumping as exposed to the Chilpancingo citizens.  Industrial waste is not dumped correctly.  It appears that the people living in this
location have been depending on the industry as a source of livelihood thus
they didn’t even realize the adverse effect it was impacting on the environment
for inappropriately dumping its waste.

promotora model addressed the formation of human rights activists who can
address the issue of pollution caused by the industry situated at this
location, thus making the neighborhood a better place for their children to
live around.  Promotores are Latino
Health Access employees or volunteers with the ability to create relationships
within the community to share the resources that are offered.  The current state of the communities shows it
is evident that something needs to be done to address the issues and to reach
an amicable solution to positively change the situations.

promotora model is quite successful.  It can
be used to address not only industrial pollution or poverty but also other
locations affected by similar problems.  This
should be an indicator that the world we live in is changing and not in a
positive way regarding the health issues raised by the individual living
within.  Everyone who is attempting to be
productive and contribute to their family and community should be ensured a
safe environment and quality healthcare. 
It’s time for people to take care of people.

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