The distraction nowadays. It is far illegal to

road accidents are set as a main cause of worldwide death proven by latest
records supplied by World Organisation Health 1. Driving a car has
turn out to be a necessary thing in daily life, but it can perceived as a risky
weapon as well, here driver behaviours interprets the key thing of this matter.
Driving task calls drivers to judge, expecting and monitor behaviour of
different road traffic users as well as vehicle control, quick and appropriate
response to situations which can be permanently presented in road traffic
scenario. Driving task performance can be concerned by three factors: (a)
experience; (b) distraction; and (c) emotions.

of performance can be stepped up due to existing quantity and quality of
practice. The experience and variety of situations with which drivers are faced
every day leading to continuous acquisition of practice and new knowledge and
behaviours, permit the improvement and consolidation of skills essential to
implement safe, effective and efficient driving. It means, whilst driver
ability exceeds task demands, he progresses in driving safely or vice versa.
The situation in which driver slows down car pace when he faces a more worrying
task as an example. Speed is conferred as one vital variable able to
differentiate learners and experienced drivers. In this context, inexperienced
drivers are recognised as a dangerous group as they present the highest rate of
road accidents compared to experienced drivers 2.

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use of mobile phones while driving is a very massive distraction nowadays. It
is far illegal to drive a car while using a hand-held mobile phone. It is
potentially modifies the driving pace leading to conflicts with other road
users and consequently rises crash threat. Drivers tend to remains at lowest
speed instead of stop by the roadside for a while 3.
By presence of dual-tasking, there might be some pressure to personal
characteristics will simply disturbing driver’s focus on road. The other
distractions that can be considered are smoking, eating, adjust a radio and try
to reach an object in car.

Mood can shift in a
matter of seconds due to emotional stimulation that may not be seen as
affecting element while driving by people. It is crucial to recognize
situations that may have potential to regulate own mood. A stressful day at
work, receiving unhappy news, running late to an important appointment will completely
burdened the driver himself. Those circumstances would not allow to focus on the
road in driver’s fullest extent. However, the two clear contributors to emotion
regulation difficulties for adults appear to be sleep deprivation and ego
depletion 4.
Greater problem in emotion regulation is related with risky driving behaviour
by driving more aggressively and simply disobey road regulations.

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