The primary focus of Syngene

The primary focus of Syngene is in helping pharma and biopharma industries address recent complex drug development challenges and improve considerably in the coming few years. Sponsors advanced to engage in CROs to provide data-driven insights and drive the changing drug development forum for the next generation of medicines and biological practices. For that research and developing a drug or product and acquiring the regulatory approval from the concerned FDA used to be the ultimate target. Nowadays, there are several challenges emerged in addition to the regular operations. Such as challenge of procuring reimbursement and tapping the market, additional cost and complexity to the drug development process in the advanced technology world. Commitment in retaining for clinical trials and lab services, drive the clients to seek data and analytics for trial insights and design thinking, drug development planning, medical affairs and regulatory consulting from CROs in the real time basis. This is one side of the challenges. The other side includes, demands for safety in the work place and pharmacovigilance, clinical trial feasibility, consistency, protocol optimization, and real-world evidence, are on the rise.

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