The adults. National framework of good practices. Standard

The protocols and referral procedures for reporting abuse has been set out under standard 6,7,8 and 9 of the safeguarding adults. National framework of good practices.

Standard 6 creates provision for individual to access information about how to gain safety from abuse and violence, including information about the local ‘Safeguarding Adults’ procedures.
6.2 makes clear that organisation which receives a report that an adult may be experiencing abuse or neglect responds in a positive and proactive manner.
6.3 Any person reporting abuse or neglect of an adult is effectively signposted to an appropriate source of information and advice about what options are open to them
Standard 7 There is a local multi-agency ‘Safeguarding Adults’ policy and procedure describing the framework for responding to all adults who may be at risk of abuse or neglect.
Standard 8 identifies partner agency that has a set of internal guidelines, consistent with the local multi-agency ‘Safeguarding Adults’ policy and procedures, which set out the responsibilities of all workers to operate within it. The standard also points out the need for each organisation to have a whistle blowing policy and procedure that is related to that of safeguarding adults and also disseminated to staff and volunteers.
Alert ——–Reporting concerns of abuse or neglect which are received or noticed within a partner organisation. Any immediate protection needs are addressed
Referral—– Placing information about that concern into a multiagency context
Decision—— Deciding whether the ‘Safeguarding Adults’ procedures are appropriate to address the concern
Safeguarding assessment strategy—– Formulating a multi-agency plan for assessing the risk and addressing any immediate protection needs
Safeguarding assessment——– Co-ordinating the collection of the information about abuse or neglect that has occurred or might occur. This may include an investigation e.g. a criminal or disciplinary investigation
Safeguarding plan—– coordinating a multi-agency response to the risk of abuse that has been identified

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