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The Purchasing Guide for Hockey Bags
A true hockey player understands the importance of having a high quality hockey bag to haul all of their gaming gear. Nothing is more frustrating than owning a bag that is unable to accommodate each piece of equipment and all accessories required to play the game of hockey. Hockey is not a stationary sport and each game is played in a new area, therefore it is imperative that one owns a durable hockey bag able to contain all required gear, equipment, and accessories. Luckily, there are a wide variety of hockey bags available on today’s market that range in size, style, and brand to fit each and every players needs. However, finding the right bag for you can be somewhat of a challenge as there is such a large range on the market. It can be quite difficult to find the precisely right bag for you. Follow the guide below to help you understand the hockey bag market and what to look for in your next bag in order to effortlessly narrow down your choices to in result finding the best bag for your needs/budget.
Step 1) Narrow Down What You Need From Your Hockey Bag
Figuring out what type of hockey bag you ultimately need will depend on a couple of factors. For starters, you should ask yourself how often you will be using the bag, how far the bag needs to be able to travel, and how much gear/accessories you will be carrying with you. Having an idea of how much room, how many extra compartments, and the durability of fabric needed in your next hockey bag will give you a better idea of what size and style of bag required to fit your hockey lifestyle.
Step 2) Consider Different Hockey Bag Types
The position you play in the game of hockey will play a large role in the bag you purchase. A coach will need a different bag than a referee and visa versa. On today’s market you will find a few major types of hockey bags available and they range from coaching bags, referee bags, goalie bags, equipment bags, puck bags, helmet bags, wheel bags, and stick bags. Consider your position when choosing a new hockey bag.
Coaching Bags – Coaches hockey bags usually come in the duffle style with a shoulder sling as well as handles for carrying ease. They also typically feature a large zipper opening on the top or side with additional side zipper pockets for extra storage. Some duffle bags feature a separate toiletry bag which can be zippered into the lining of the duffel for simple storage.
Referee Bags – Referee hockey bags are mainly designed for fast and easy transportation of all required referee gear. It is usually a smaller bag and great for those carrying less gear than the normal full set of necessary hockey equipment.
Goalie Bags – Goalie hockey bags are designed to fully meet all needs required of the goalie position which means lots of room for lots of gear, plus any additional accessories. The duffel is currently the most popular goalie bag on the market, however there are backpack varieties available as well. Some bags are even equipped with wheels for easy transportation.
Equipment Bags – Hockey Equipment bags come in a large range of sizes and styles that are suitable for juniors, youth, and senior players needs. Whether you prefer a duffel or backpack style there is an equipment bag for you. The popular backpack style features two durable should straps for bearing the weight of your equipment on your back verses the popular duffel style which features a side shoulder strap as well as handles for side or hand carrying. Luckily, most duffel styles feature wheels on the bottom to take the brunt of the weight off of you. Some backpack styles feature wheels as well. The storage compartment styles available will largely depend upon how much gear is required for your position. There are a variety of layouts to pick from designed to accommodate all of your gear and accessories in a safe and accessible way.
Puck Bags – Puck hockey bags are made to hold the pucks separately from other gear and equipment to keep them out of the way and in one place. Sometimes puck bags are stored inside larger duffel bag styles.
Stick Bags – Hockey Stick bags are a great way to safely store and easily transport all of your hockey sticks. Carry hockey sticks can be a hassle and these bags are fully designed to make life a little easier. The duffel style hockey bags are typically longer and come in variety of styles with differing features and options like additional puck/gear storage. Other styles of hockey stick bags are usually smaller and solely made to carry hockey sticks alone. The type of bag you choose really depends upon whether or not you would like to mainly carry hockey sticks in one separate bag or if you would like to carry additional gear in your bag as well.
In conclusion, the best way to begin hockey bag shopping is to consider all elements you need in bag from space to equipment requirements. Check and make sure the bag is a suitable size before pulling the trigger on your purchase. Your bag should include features like additional compartments, wheels, puck, and toiletry bags if applicable. Keep in mind that the quality of your bag needs to be durable and only made with the best workmanship/materials. This ensures that your bag will hold under the pressures of daily use for a considerable amount of time, meaning zippers should not catch, and the fabric should not rip within one year of use if handled properly. Follow this guide and finding the best style to meet your hockey bag needs should be a sinch.

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