The vital for human being. Scientists say that

The question of animal experimentation has been a topic for debates for many years. About 1.4 million of animals die from testing drugs on them each year all over the world. When one girl uses her mascara or eyeliner, she does not even understand that cat or dog may be dead because of these cosmetics. Today, helpless animals are being used for different types of experiments. Although in the past many people were saved due to the testing on animals, medicine stepped forward and developed more effective ways, such as human patient simulators or researching with human volunteers, of examine drugs and I reckon that we should embrace them instead of killing animals.
Everyday thousands of people are saved from dangerous diseases and they do not die because of strong medical drugs which are performed on animals. According to some universities, which conduct tests on animals, assure that medical testing is vital for human being. Scientists say that what humans and animals have in common make animals the best subjects for experiments.

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