The real issue that will likely impact the

The Earth is slowly becoming hotter and hotter, and that is an issue that everyone on earth should know about. While some people can joke and say that they would prefer a warmer earth because it is too cold for them.. It does not quite work like that. With warmer air temperatures comes many issues. Some issues are a higher lack of fresh drinking water for people who live in regions where they retrieve their water from glaciers are at higher risk of losing their fresh water sources, rising sea levels around the globe will cause millions upon millions of people to relocate themselves due to flooding that can and most likely will happen in the upcoming decade, the dying coral reef that is home to thousands of sea creatures that many people depend on for food, etc.

The rising of the global sea level is a very real issue that will likely impact the most amount of people in the upcoming decade or so and cause millions of families to have to relocate to higher altitude areas. The amount of money and time that will need to go into either saving huge cities like New York City, Atlantic City, NJ, and many others or money used in order to make new cities with as many or even more jobs to be able to house the new temporary homeless families that came from these sinking locations. Global warming effects the water level in more than 1 way. The most widely known reason for rising sea level is the heat trapping greenhouse gases that increase the air temperature and cause fresh water glaciers to melt and release 5,773,000 cubic miles of freshwater into the salty ocean and that is just another issue.

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While the average air temperature of the earth increases due to the greenhouse gases then that warms up the oceans and causes the water molecules to become more active and take up more space. The warmer oceans make the water expand which just adds more issue to rising sea levels. While many people currently living might not be directly impacted by the increasing sea levels, this issue will without a doubt impact their children and children’s children. Making sure your government is knowledgeable about the negative impacts of the greenhouse gases is just 1 more tiny step to increasing the efforts for the individuals in power to make a change for the current issue.

Now onto the problem with the glacier’s containing approximately 68% of the earth’s fresh water is that if the glaciers do end up melting into the oceans then the 1 / 6 of the population that relies on snow packs for fresh water run off will not be able to collect the water efficiently due to the fact that the snow packs are melting at a higher rate than the water collectors are used to and thus their water storage units are nowhere large enough to save the amount of water that is being melted by the warmer temperatures earlier than the collectors anticipate.  The Earth’s atmosphere is increasingly becoming more compromised of carbon dioxide which happens to be a greenhouse gas and traps heat that

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