The Ryerson University Finance Society is an

The Ryerson University Finance Society is an student organization within the Ted Rogers School of Management. It was founded in 2003 and believes that in order to reach one’s potential you must know how to be a successful business leader. Furthermore, this group firmly stands on creating opportunities and educating students about the finance industry. They take pride in their ability to guiding their peers to achieve their full potential and to spread the drive and determination throughout the Ted Rogers School of Management. Subsequently, this student group brings young minds together through exciting and informative events. Some of these events include: Leaders in Investment Banking, Industry Night, Commercial Banking, Meet and Greet, Accounting and Finance week, CPA Game Night, Annual Alumni Gala, Battle on Bay, Professional Night. These events connects Ryerson students with phenomenal individuals, future employers ; business professional who give beneficial advice and also meeting with future colleagues. Some benefits you gain with RUFS are: partnerships with a wide variety of hard-working and talented students with knowledge in the field of corporate finance, commercial banking, and financial planning. Moreover, you are able to gain new skills and techniques necessary for your work field. RUFS helps in job recruitment for students, and also provides workshops and information sessions to assist students in adapting into the business environment. They also host case competitions with very beneficial rewards. The Ryerson University Finance Society also has a program available to students known as Ryerson Financial Planning Association, this is a new group that is targeted towards financial planning and financial service industries.In addition, this program hosts several events throughout the year which relates to financial planning, and the Financial Advisor Skill Training program which assists in building the skills of students in TRSM to prepare them for the real world of financial planning.

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