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The second most used energy source in US is nuclear power, of course after fossil fuels. What is nuclear power? Nuclear power is the use of nuclear reactions that release nuclear energy to generate heat which is used mostly in steam turbines to give us energy in a nuclear power plant. About 10% of US’s electricity comes from nuclear power, but in some countries, like Germany, closed down all their nuclear power plants because people didn’t like it. There is less radiation coming from nuclear power plant than from coal plant. It is because when you burn coal, the radioactive atoms, they get released into the air. We know that a lot of people have died because of radiation from nuclear power plant, but the number much smaller than coal, and it mostly happens when something goes wrong. From this point of view, nuclear power is way more environmentally friendly, than fossil fuels. Even, back in time people thought that nuclear power was going to eliminate fossil fuels, but it didn’t happen because nuclear power plant are expensive. When they were building them in 1950s, half of them were abandoned before they were even finished, because it was super expensive.

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