The optical lenses for collimating the light beam

The second one, known as “passenger data adapter”, is characterized by having a similar behavior, using the Ethernet or USB port of the mobile devices instead of the aircraft distribution network as data source or sink. Therefore, the only difference between the adapters is the working wavelength of the optical link (VLC from distribution network to user, and IR in the other direction).
In the proposed system topology, each passenger is considered to be inside a microcell. However, it could be possible that nearby users or cabin illumination lamps generate harmful interference due to a wide lamp emission pattern or a high photodiode FOV. In addition, reflections on different objects could dramatically reduce the system performance. Here we opt for the use of optical lenses for collimating the light beam in the passenger’s table. A simulation based on a Monte Carlo-Ray tracing algorithm has been performed in order to calculate the Signal Noise Ratio (SNR) at different points of the user’s table. We have considered 3 emitters, corresponding to the three reading lights, and 740 receivers distributed over the passenger’s table.

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