The new beginning and a new life

The skyline, amazingly rippled with elegant skyscrapers scattered preciously and more seem to be on their way.Tourist pointing, taking in the enchanting city and what it has to offer. (Act) Culture steadily rising in the city of New York and it has a lot of attention. Many different cultures have left their mark not just on education, but also upon the city’s identity. The disordered streets, eclectic and diverse, overunned by a variety of ethnicities and sexualities. Hundreds of deli’s, diners and ethnic restaurants offer a diverse set of culinary choices. Nighttime soon falls, featuring soft city lights, along with the loud sounds of an angered driver.The moonlight, luminous and plentiful, spilled against the aged pavement, followed by everlasting ambition among the city. Through the streets echoed the sound of laughter lingering among the young couple strolling effortlessly down the overpopulated sidewalk. As I gaze at the abstract art and admiring history that pours from the very walls of New York City, I pondered over the opportunities it holds. Emerging into a new design of communication beyond the separation of work and home life. Some view the city as a chance for a new beginning and a new life to finally restart. As they admire the tall-windowed buildings in notice of opportunity. I stood and thought; what happened to the premature adults hastening around accompanied by overly priced school books? Worrying of their next approach to reality. Among all of this seems almost foreign to me as I watch people stroll so successfully down the “life carpet” made of dedication and hard work that surely shows. Through media it conspires us to crave spotlight and injustices, but truth is us as humans get a thrill to be apart of these questionable characteristics that poor from media. We as people share a common love between a common goal and achievement, we cheer each other on in a broad way that makes us come together. My desire in the city is to be a star in a perpetuous night sky, surrounded by stars that share their individuality equally as bright. Everyone has a light or even a calling and by following it, the world shifts toward something a little less distorted and a little more relieving.

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