the smell of pollution

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Last updated: May 6, 2019

Whats that smell? Do you know what that smell is, its the smell of pollution. This planet is becoming very polluted and it is destroying a lot of aqua environments. In the water, there are a lot of diseases from littering , which makes the water nasty and horrid. There are also many ways that the water is getting polluted. This is becoming an issue in waterways, especially rivers, lakes, and the oceans. Also, a lot of the trash on the ground can make illnesses. This is also becoming an issue.We can this if we tried, so lets.

We need to try to fix this bad catastrophe. Did you know that you can pollute the waters in the world all, way to easily? The main cause is the horrible littering that is going on everywhere. Litter can make harmful chemicals in the water to form and it can cause illness or death. This causes pollution in a lot of bodies of water. Also, acid rain, which is from smoke and other harmful gases in the air, that have condensed with water vapor and precipitates own onto the ground.

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There are tons of nasty illnesses due to water pollution. Illnesses like recreational water disease, salmonella, skin cancer, and diarrhea. These are all very harmful to us and the environment. Some of these awful illnesses make people very sick and can cause death. This is a serious issue that we can not take much longer on planet Earth. These are all horrid diseases that have harmful results and they absolutely need to be stopped.


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