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The society we live in today; the juvenile justice system is a major concern of law enforcement. We may ask ourselves, are juvenile’s too young and undeveloped physically and mentally to be sentenced to jail-time for the crimes they commit? (Dacchille and Thurau, 2013). There are no justifications to being in jail when many chances were given to correct yourself. Unfortunately, not many chances are given out to juveniles which really affects them in the long term for the worse. The largest concerns of all law enforcement staffs in todays period should to be the adolescent equity framework. Kids are the eventual fate of this general public and in the event that they can be come to preceding taking the wrong road at that point the capability of changing the level of violence in this nation might be significant (Leone and Weinberg, 2010). Indeed, even early intervention of a guilty juvenile who can be restored can limit the level of wrongdoers that go ahead to trespass upon the law as grown-ups. It is vital that children who have entered the equity framework have the greater part of the open doors imaginable to conquer the preventions they have confronted and cops are critical to this (Dacchille and Thurau, 2013).
Police officers are the principal individual a adolescent will come into contact with after an offense caused by them, a relative or even as a casualty. Police who bargain with the country’s youngsters, frequently in extraordinary situations—domestic violence, child mishandle and disregard, as observers to community violence, as casualties and as con artists—do not get the preparing to assist the youth with whom they work. (Dacchille and Thurau, 2013). In the event that patrol officers got legitimate training and comprehended the significance of early intervention, at that point who knows what number of lives could be guided in the right path. The citizens should likewise get included and help law implementation; it should really be a community wide effort to make a change (Leone and Weinberg, 2010). It is important for law authorization to give back to the communities and remain to do so (Leone and Weinberg, 2010). If the law authorization can reach out to children at an early age, it can affect them during teenage and adult days in a major way.
Secondly, community policing is an incredible way for law authorization centers to ended up more connected with the youth of a community.  Detective Thomas of the New Haven’s community youth program leader states that, a committed chairman and police chief and an experienced, trusted, and a well-respected police officer who knows the neighborhood very well and altogether gets it the community policing rationale and process, is what a public policing program must have (Jenkins, 1995). With effective community policing, the juveniles within the patrolled community can not only see the officers but advantage from hands-on association with them, which could lead a juvenile offender or conceivable offender down a better and bright path (Jenkins, 1995). Law authorization centers can moreover make extraordinary occasions that draw the thought of adolescents that live in risky regions. For instance, police officers can get kids involved at sporting occasions where they can motivate the young and get included building up a relationship (Jenkins, 1995). There are absolutely no limits to what can be accomplished in the event that the community and the authorities all work together for the endless great that can come of it (Jenkins, 1995).
There are numerous perspectives that are included when settling on a decision on where an officer should watch and attempt to create an impact. The ones in need are portrayed as ” disproportionately children and youth of color who currently have, or have experienced, a host of risk factors that are associated with poor academic achievement, delinquency, recidivism, substance abuse and mental health issues” (Leone and Weinberg, 2010). Officers who respond to a call where there’s a child on scene, is a good time to utilize that opportunity, on the remote possibility that able to do so, to create a positive affect for the child. Another critical way to create a contact is to drive through the areas that an officer is capable for and attempt to create favorable contact with these juveniles early on in their lives. Early intervention is possible when cops work as a team with a viable social preferred standpoint framework, genuine wrongdoing diminishes are feasible each time a youthful accountable gathering is included missing from an existence of bad behavior (Lemmer and Johnston, 2004). It is never also late to start taking the activities to gotten the opportunity to be a bit of the networks in which in danger adolescents abide. Without a doubt, making little strides, for example, escaping the watch auto where there’s a bundle of adolescents or getting included inside the school structure can make a huge qualification. There’s an astounding sum of exhibit that specific early-intervention programs demonstrate diminishments, not on account of it was in annoying, but rather in an intensify of hazardous practices (Doob, Sprott, and Webster, 2010).
When early intervention isn’t conceivable and a juvenile offender to begin with experience with law enforcement is made amid an occurrence or capture there are still ways to preserve a positive interaction. “Juveniles report direct and vicarious peer experiences with the police that are coercive, highly negative, and arguably discriminatory, and such encounters are correlated with juveniles holding less favorable or supportive views of police than adults do” (Brown, Novak, ; Frank). In spite of the fact that juveniles may be more argumentative and indeed insolent an officer’s responses to them can make all the difference (Jenkins, 1995). On the off chance that an officer does not respond adversely to the juvenile at that point maybe that youth can more clearly see the mistake of their ways. Children tend to show the behaviors of those around them such as a parent or more seasoned kin but that does not cruel that they cannot be instructed unused behaviors. Matthew 7:12 speaks of doing to others as you want others to do to you (Leone and Weinberg, 2010). Police officers should keep this in mind and treat children the way they would want their children treated, when dealing with juveniles.
After a juvenile has entered the justice system officers can still have a positive affect on youth and alter the way that they select to require. This may require more persistence, time, and assets in any case the potential of sparing a juvenile from taking after the way they are currently on is considerable (Leone and Weinberg, 2010). Within the conclusion, it is up to each workforce, person officer, and the community to ensure that the juveniles have the interaction required to make a much required positive bond (Rapp, 2016). The division must implement a certain convention for the interaction required between an officer and the adolescents in their purview. The officer must at that point take after through and discover the openings to really ended up included with the youth (Rapp, 2016). The community can help the division and person officers by opening the entryways to the community and inviting law authorization in. Children regularly respond to circumstances by the way they have seen the grown-ups in their lives carry on. As an officer of the law it is relevant that a good relationship is formed and maintained for the benefit of the citizens, young and old, within the area (Rapp, 2016).
Taking everything into account, it is never past the point of no return whether a juvenile has already offended or has the intentions towards a wrongdoing. A considerable measure can be accomplished and conceivably alter the course of the wrongdoing rates within the range whereas having a major affect on the adolescent of the region if the law approval can cooperate as one with the network (Weiss, 2015). The earlier the law authorization has an impact on a young person’s life, the bigger the open entryway for future endeavors of the law authorization community (Doob, Sprott, ; Webster, 2010). They way we are to bring up our children in the way they should go and when they are older they will not withdraw from that (Doob, Sprott, ; Webster, 2010). This is important for not as it were guardians of juveniles but law authorization to keep in mind as well. The manner in which the young take in the lessons for the world by and by are the manner in which future age will learn; little steps can provoke genuine changes (Weiss, 2015).

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