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The solar eclipse is a spectacular astronomical phenomenon. At this time, for parts of the Earth, the moon is in front of the sun, so some or all of the light from the sun is blocked, and it looks as though the sun has disappeared partially or completely. The condition of the solar eclipse is that when the moon turns to the earth between the sun and the three heavenly bodies in a straight line or near a straight line, a solar eclipse will occur on Earth. There are two prerequisites for satisfying such conditions:
1. The solar eclipse always occurs on the following day (the first day of the lunar calendar);
2. The sun and moon move to the intersection of Baidao and the ecliptic. Not all solar eclipses necessarily occur on the following day, because the moon’s orbit (White Road) and the sun’s orbit (Ecliptic) are not on a single plane. The white plane and the ecliptic plane have an angle of 5° 9?. The solar eclipse occurs only when the sun and the moon move near the intersection of the White Dodge and the ecliptic.
The lunar eclipse is a special kind of astronomical phenomenon. When the moon runs into the shadow of the earth, the area between the moon and the earth will be obscured by the sun because of the sun. People see that the moon is missing a piece. Satisfying this condition also requires two prerequisites:
1. The eclipse must occur at the position of the moon (full moon), that is, the fifteenth and sixteenth days of the lunar calendar;
2. The sun and the moon are located near the two intersections of the ecliptic and the Baidao. Not all lunar eclipses occur because the orbits of the sun and moon in the sky (known as the ecliptic and Baido) are not on the same plane, but there is an angle of about 5°9?, so only the sun and the moon are respectively located. Near the intersection of the two sides of the ecliptic and Bai Dao, there is an opportunity to create a straight line and produce an eclipse.

Lunar eclipse formation

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So can you summarize the common reasons for the occurrence of these two astronomical phenomena? The common cause of lunar eclipses and eclipses: The orbital plane of the Moon does not coincide with the earth’s orbital plane, but there is an angle of about 5°9? degrees, so not every first and fifth lunar month occurs. Solar eclipses, eclipses occur only when the moon runs near the intersection of two planes. From this summary, the conditions for the occurrence of eclipses are:
1. The projections of the Sun, Earth, and Moon are on the same line;
2. At this time, the moon is located near the intersection of its orbital plane and the earth’s orbital plane.
Which of the solar eclipse and eclipse is easier to observe by us? As far as the world is concerned, there are more eclipses than eclipses. But for the same place, the number of eclipses seen was far greater than the number of eclipses. As the eclipse sees a wide area (they are visible everywhere in the night hemisphere), during the eclipse, only narrow areas of the earth are visible.

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