The spaces. Having reinforced concrete columns bearing the

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           The same principles are applied with the Maison Jaoul, however, it is not so apparent at first sight.

Gathering influences from the Sarabhai House and studying from Indian traditional architecture observing details of its vernacular architecture influenced the floor plan of the houses.11 The building floor plan is free from structural conditioning, so partitions are organized in a sequence of open spaces and private spaces. Having reinforced concrete columns bearing the weight of a building is a unique system in construction that Corbusier uses. This way interior walls have the option to be load free thus removing them for open the space. From the exterior, the horizontal bands of concrete walls express random and coarse aesthetic inspired by Dubuffet’s painting methods.12 The interior walls separate from the facade, relieving it of its structural function. On the other hand, the Maison Jaoul expresses one other design concept.

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An invention Corbusier called “Le Quatriame Mur” 13 otherwise known as the “fourth wall”. 14 Using an assembly of proportional wooden panels and ventilation openings, fitted over fully glazed walls. By alternating wood panels with glazing allowing for an experiment from the idea of ‘ juxtaposing rectangular elements’.15 The windows cutting along its length of the house offers privacy between the two houses and adjacent buildings. Being not of the same size, strategically, they allow the space to be lit equally.

The interior of the house evokes the look of a train wagon by including Catalan vaults. Inspiration he drew from Pisano’s house as well as from his journey to the Columbia exploring the system of wooden shutters.16 The curvature of the roof and vaulted ceiling technique saves energy and money. In addition, it creates an airy feel within the space as well as deceiving the eye to make the space feel bigger than it is.


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