The of Good Friday in the year

The story of Inferno by Dante Alighieri starts off in a very dark forest in which contained many kinds of wood and trees during the evening of Good Friday in the year 1300. Further inside of this dark forest, there was a tremendous and beautiful mountain in which seemed as the only gate of this whole gloomy woods. The shadow of this deep mountain was shining on four kinds of animals including leopard, lion, she-wolf and greyhound. Within their very scary appearances, they seemed like the mountain’s guards. The story then moves on to the great river of Acheron. On the way to the river, there was a gate of hell in which surrounded by diverse horrifying and bloody souls as well as worms that turned the scenic and pleasant river view into miserable. Some were lying and standing beside the river bank while others were in a very crowded boat.
After an earthquake and a thunder, the first circle of Hell which is “Limbo” appeared. In this circle, the air was so heavy and tremble. Souls were flying around and gathering in random groups in which presented in hopeless and pitiful faces. Moving down the path, there was a castle that secured by seven gates and walls along with a very small stream. Walking through the gates, it showed in a delightful landscape of green meadow. The castle contained a wide range of souls from famous poets to philosophers such as Ovid and Lucan.

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