The Strong Man

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Last updated: April 16, 2019

The Strong Man 1) The woman changes from Harry’s irresolute wife to a resolved individual. In the beginning, the woman is uncertain whether if she should leave Harry. She incessantly repeats, “I am not sure” and “I really don’t know”.

Even when Harry suggests to watch the strong man, the woman is unsure whether if she should watch. However, when seeing the strong man struggles to unshackle himself, the woman sees her own “image” from the struggle of the strong man. The strong’s man’s success in freeing himself gives the woman the courage to make up her mind.

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When Harry suggests to leave, the woman claims with a deep affirmation that she “wants stay and see it”. In the end, the woman is empowered because of her certainty for the pursuit of freedom. 2) The woman is contemplating leaving her husband due to distrust and her desire for freedom. First, Harry is often oblivious and irresponsible. He sleeps with other woman and has never thought about his wife’s feeling. The woman claims that she never knows when Harry is telling the truth.

At same time, Harry also wants to take control over his wife. He seems to make many decisions for his wife.According to the woman, Harry is so sure of her. In this case, the woman wants to leave Harry to pursue her own freedom. Harry is sure that the woman won’t leave because of the woman’s wavering attitude in the beginning.

Even the woman believes that Harry is always so sure of her. Moreover, Harry believes that the baby is another factor that the woman won’t leave him. 3) The woman is adamant about watching the strong man because she sees herself in a similar situation, shackled from freedom. The strong man gives her inspiration, which encourages her to pluck up the courage to leave Harry.Harry decides he no longer want to watch because he probably fear that the show would give his wife the aspiration to leave him.

By asking his wife to leave, Harry wants to regain control. 4) The new moon, the strength and the flow of the river and the woman’s ability to see the mountain are metaphors that reflect on the woman’s change and resolution. In the beginning, when the woman is unsure of her decision, the new moon and the mountain are hidden, and the river flows slowly. However, when the woman becomes resolved, the new moon and the mountain become visible and the river flows with strength.Such strength links to the woman’s inner strength. The new moon symbolizes a new beginning after the woman has changed. The ability to see the mountains links to the woman’s certainty.

When the woman is sure, we see the mountains more clearly. 5) The woman and the strong man are both fettered; one is shackled from marriage and the other from ropes and chains. Bothe woman and the strong man experience mental or physical struggles before reaching freedom. The secret life struggling in the womb is similar to the strong man and the woman, for its desire for freedom and struggle.


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