The to customer (Ganeshan and Harrison, 1995). The

The study will limits the logistics activities in Chinese market. Based on questionnaires and interviews, which are consider, has main tools for data collection. Information obtained from interviews and questionnaires and from secondary sources like journals, electronic information and books will be used in development of the study. Risk management module provides structure for the collection and analysis of data in order to obtain research objectives. Statistical tools like Microsoft Excel would be used for data analysis.?

Definition and Explanation of Logistics
Logistics is the movement of Men, Material and Information of goods and service from one point to another point. According to council of logistics management, a trade organisation based in United States that states, “Logistics is a part of supply chain activities such as planning, implementation, controls the effective flow, storage of goods and services, and information related to the point of origin to point of consumption in order to meet consumer requirements”.
Logistics controls the flow of resources in supply chain and as well as management of transportation and storage and all other areas related to both manufacture and consumer (R.Palsaitis, 2004).
A supply chain is an activity that performs forecasting, manufacturing, conversion of work in process into finished products, packaging and transportation and deliver finished product to customer (Ganeshan and Harrison, 1995).
The term Logistics is stated based on 7 R’s and they are Right Product, Right customer, Right Quality, Right Condition, Right Place, Right Time. Logistics is a functional system for improving the efficiencies in transportation and information sharing to meet low cost, fast and reliable objectives within and outside the companies. It contributes company’s competitive advantages in both effectiveness and efficiencies (Panayides, 2007). Logistics activities and process are the fundamental elements of companies’ supply chain activities.

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