“The only thing permanent in life is

“The only thing permanent in life is change”. This perfectly holds true to the world of Computer Science where novel ideas are not a novelty. In this context, I would like to pursue my Masters in Data Science, which not only supplements the knowledge that I possess but also provides a strong platform for my future career goals. This brings me to introduce myself, Sunil Laxman, and I am currently working with Cerner Healthcare Solutions as a Automation Engineer at Bangalore, India. I am seeking admission for the Master of Data Science course in your prestigious University. I come from a family that highly values education, with my Father being an Police Officer and my mother working as a School Teacher. Being a part of a Police personnel’s family, I have travelled across the country exploring new places, and interacting with new people. The choice for pursuing a career in engineering was largely influenced by my consistent good performance in the subjects of Science and Mathematics. After completion of my 12th grade, I pursued my Bachelors Degree in Computer Applications.  During my undergraduate studies, the excellent course structure coupled with high academic standards stimulated my interest in the field of Computers further. I passed out as a College Topper in my Undergraduate with 87.78% overall and secured 13th Rank in the University level, and was awarded for the same.After my Undergraduate Degree, I opted for Masters in Computer Applications at MIT, Manipal, after securing 2nd Rank in the National Level Entrance Exam for the same.  In college, I was involved with Photography Club and I held an photo exhibition called “Kahaani” as part of the National Fest conducted in 2014. Also, I took the opportunity to attend all the intercollegiate competitions, concentrating on Coding in Python/Java and also on Web Development . Our team had won 6 Intercollegiate Championships across the colleges in the 2 years that we competed, among which I had won 15 Individual awards. This helped me in networking with people of different colleges and also get the first taste of the level of competition in the market. Meanwhile to improve my technical skills I worked on projects such as E-commerce website, an Android Web Application for registering the participants for the college fest and a lexical analyzer using Lex and Yacc. In my sophomore year, I had given a seminar on “Supervised Learning with Neural Networks” as well. This was my first step into the journey of Data Science and showed me the potential of Data. To me, the possibilities of Data are limitless; hence I commit myself to the innovative application of it.After completion of my MCA, I got placed in Cerner Healthcare Solutions. Cerner aims at providing IT solutions to the healthcare industry to help them run their day-to-day business. The work here ranges from providing care at from registration desk at a hospital to the time an insurance claim is submitted and the money is collected back. I have been with Cerner from September 2015 to present. I have been working in a project named as “Revenue Cycle Analytics”,  a big data project which provides descriptive analytics. As my understanding steadily grew, my special interest in Data Science gradually burgeoned. This drove me to work on Python, R and SQL to provide in-house tools and solutions to Automate the process of Big Data Validation and the verification, which was highly praised. In my tenure with Cerner, I have bagged 3 Employee of the Quarter awards.After 2+ years of working on the big data platform, and learning the technical and functional aspects of my project, this experience has showed me the very panorama of what Data Science could achieve. Throughout my work, I find out Data Science playing a more and more important role in future marketing and business decision making, which aids me to finalize my future focus of learning. My interest lies in combining this business perspective versus what information and how information can drive solutions and solve business problems. This course will help me take a bigger picture approach. It covers business process, IT strategy, governance and compliance; it looks at IT systems in a broad framework to guide enterprise level decision-making. I want to explore what better I can do in this field and deliver solutions from what I have already learnt, and what I will be learning.  Hence I chose to pursue this as an MS. I aspire to work in the field of data analysis, and RMIT would enable me to realize aspirations and interests that exceed my existing career parameters. The guidance of RMIT’s remarkable faculty and the stimulating ethos of its research labs would enable me to build on my deep but interrelated interests, background and research intentions, offering me the foundation on which to conduct ground-breaking projects. I believe I would make an excellent contribution to the atmosphere at RMIT and subsequently be a successful data analyst with my passion for data, leadership and communication skills polished through work.

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