The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse

Aram and Mourad are mother and son in the lokesh family, which has a reputation for honesty that has been maintained by its family members for hundreds of years. But the tribe is extremely poverty stricken though they never resort to unfair means to get money. Both boys long to ride a horse, but their poverty keeps them from their deepest dreTam. Early one morning, Mourad shows up at Aram’s home on a charming white horse.

Aram is awestruck!He cannot understand where Mourad got this beautiful horse when they do not have enough money to afford one. But he also cannot think that his cousin–a member of the honest tribe–can ever steal. But he is too surprised to try and find out the truth.

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He so longs for a ride. Also Mourad is determined to keep it, and they try their best to keep the horse a secret from others and learn to ride it. In the days to follow,both the boys take out the horse from its hiding place every morning to ride in the countryside.

Though, only Mourad can ride the horse properly as he has mastered the art by having riding practice for a month before revealing his secret to Aram. Aram tries hard to -But Aram is determined to learn to ride and tells Mourad not to return the horse until he himself learns to ride. Mourad says it would take Aram a year to learn toride. He cannot keep the horse that long but Aram tells him to keep it.



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