The states and he is for Britain.


The latest news from the British
royal family is that the prince, 33, and Ms. Markle, 36, will marry in the
spring. The special with is the fact that she is from the states and he is for
Britain. Prince Harry is the fifth in the row to get king of England. 18.12.17

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Sources:  18.12.17

4b. Throughout her life, the Duchess of Cornwall has dealt with the
reputation of being “third person” in the marriage between Princess
Diana and Prince Charles. But the relationship with Charles, is spansidecades, is more than
just aiaffair.
Today, the two are happilyimarried,
but before reaching marital bliss, they had to tackle royal marriages, tabloid
drama, and even tragedy to maintain their love.

4a. The rumours of Wales had reached the English prime minister and the
government feared strongly that he would not understand that marriage with a
woman who had already been married twice was impossible. In conversation with
the fresh king, the picture became clear: either he got permission to marry
Wallis, or he would resign from the throne. Drag Kamp was intense. For the
government it was clear that such a marriage was impossible. Edward, in turn,
was sure that love would win. He fought against both the government and his own
family, and thought that if the people were told the case, he would receive


Review your performances. Ask your instructor and other students for feedback.
Be open to learning and strive to improve. ”

Avoid unnecessary words. Use clear, concise words. Don’t use pauses as
fillers, irritating non-words, or overused, annoying slang, such as
“uh”, “um”, “you know”, “stuff like
that”, “sort of”, “like”, and so on. Use pauses for
emphasis; then take a deep breath and go on.

Practice. Rehearsaliis everything, Practice on the speechiseveral times out loud, in a mirror, orito friends. Practice
speakingislowly and
calmly, but talk louder than usual.

Prepareiyour prompters. Don’t memorize that you should say but be well versed on your topic,
talk to things you are comfortableijust
talking about. Prepare your notesito
prompt yourself. Write key words and speak out of it.

Developivisuals. When it appropriate, useooverheads,
slides, handouts, and demonstrations. They caniadd some drama, reduce stress, andireinforce your speech.
Just make sure you
type on your visuals is large enoughito read, the projector works, and you have to practice andiworking with the visual

Take noteiof your audience. Notice when your audienceiagrees with you or looks puzzledior confused.

Developirapport. Smile and maintain eyeicontact
with your audience.

 ”Beiprepared. Know youritopic well.

3d. Here is what I mean is the Strategies
when you make a public speech.











      f. Albert
had a toughichildhood.
His brothers have bulliedihim
because he is a stammer.  His childhood
was alsoitough
because his father was the king and then he could notido whatever hi want.

g. Edward emotional reactioniis because he thinksiof his woman he could not marry becauseishe has been married
before. He also realisesihe
cannot do whati the wants.

h. Wallis Simpsoniis
the woman in Edwards’s life. She hasibeen married before, so when Edwardibeen king, he cannot marryiher. So then, when heihas almost been king in
a year, heiabdicates
as the king because of Wallis.


e.  He means thatibecause Albert older brother isigoing to be king when George
is dead. He thinksiEdward
is going to ruin Englandibecause
he just thinks of women.

d.   It is
Lionel is an Australian becauseimany
British people locked him down. He was from aiColony and then they think he is not as
good as they are. 

c.  Logue is usingisome unorthodox methodsiwhen Albert is rolling
around on the floor and when Albert isiscream out the window.

b.  The first meetingibetween Elizabeth and Lionel is in his
office. She is say to Lionel that he need to meetiin their house, but Lionel say he need his
office. Lionel also say he is not as the otheripeople who has help Albert.

1a. The Dukeiof
York stand in a bit smallerirom
than the BBC newsreader. The BBC newsreaderiis taking some water in his mouth and spitting it out

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