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The technology of today that surrounds us affects almost all aspects of our daily lives including the types of books we read. We, the students, if we were given a chance to choose, what would you select…a traditional paper books or an electronic books?
If you are about to search which is better between the two, both have advantages and disadvantages, but I would say that they do not have unique contributions on learning.
While e-books are convenient and accessible, traditional books are tangible, can be shared, resold, rented and be a beautiful gift to every occasion.
But…learning on reading cannot be depended on e-books or on traditional paper books. Learning can be obtained by the reader by enjoying the story, talking about the story, going beyond the story, and describing & explaining the related issues on it. Though e-books can be a motivating activity especially for children because of its animated features, we must not forget the important thing to learn is to spend time sharing and have conversations about what we read. Communications will promote language and literacy skills.
Further, I would say that e-books should not be used as a replacement for shared reading with traditional paper books. Rather, sharing a good quality e-book that has helpful interactive features can be used in addition to traditional paper books.

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