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The U.S. was facing many issues during the Early Republic time period. The nation was in deep debt, owing millions of dollars after The Revolution. Another issue they were also dealing with was issues involving trading and conflict with Great Britain. The last issue was lack of unity, because of many conflicts that divided the state and nations. First off, the U.S.

was having major issues with debt. They owed millions of dollars after The Revolution, meaning that many bills had not been paid. Given the fact that the government struggled to pay its own bills, they borrowed money and constantly received loans from bankers in Europe.

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The reason for the nation’s bankruptcy was because the states refused to help the national government. The states were asked to pay $11,000,00 to contribute towards the government, but even after they paid what they could, the nation still owed $9,000,000. Another major issue with their debt was that Congress had no power to collect taxes due to The Articles of Confederation.

Surely enough, this issue slowly started to worsen, leading their debt to become higher than $50,000,000. The next issue the U.S.

faced was trading. Opportunities to trade started becoming rare, and many good started to pile up. Great Britain was a major trading partner for the U.S.

, but Great Britain started to lose its respect for the United States. Trading became very unbalanced and paper money slowly started to become a lot less valuable. A treaty had to be created and ratified in order for the United States to continue trading with Great Britain, therefore it was not very enforced. This created more conflict since no trade meant no money, and no treaty meant no trade. Because of Great Britain not following up with the treaty, it created tension and was seen as disrespectful by the United States. The last conflict the U.

S. faced was the lack of unity caused by climate and geography. These differences went on through the northern, middle, and southern states. The states became divided due to differences such as careers, land, and wealth. There were also political issues all throughout the country. Majority of the issues revolved around rich or poor, master or slave, and farmer or merchant.

These conflicts added tension and anger between the states and nation altogether. To conclude, the U.S. dealt with obvious major issues during these times.

Each of these issues had an impact on the nation as a whole in different ways. The nation has slowly but surely made progress into fixing these problems. There were multiple efforts in trying to fix these issues, but not all have been fixed.


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