The word “open source” and uses Java,

The use of smartphones and tablets is a phenomenon that only a few years ago has grown exponentially, thanks to new technologies that allow us to build devices that are more and more reliable and cheaper. These circumstances have allowed, effectively, to make these products an easy reach for billions of people.

There are a large number of smartphones that run different operating systems: from Android to Apple, from RIM to Windows Phone. Each of these devices have different characteristics, which can be suitable for a certain clientele rather than the other. Among the many operating systems available, worth talking about is Android, created in 2003 by Andy Rubin and bought by Google in 2005. The whole Android world revolves around the word “open source” and uses Java, which is pretty popular these days, moreover, native and third-party applications are of equal importance and can be added or removed without any restrictions.

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Besides, listing an Android app on Google play costs much less than what costs to list it on the App Store, not to mention that to build an Android app one can use iOS, Windows or Linux, whereas choosing an iOS a Mac is needed unless an emulator is used.

Anyone has free access to all of the tools used by the Android developers themselves. Moreover, anyone can develop for Android without having to acquire software or special licenses.



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