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The reason parents are afraid to send their children to school, they’re afraid to go to work, their afraid to live life to its fullest when they shouldn’t have to be. Terrorists feed off of the fear felt by the countless innocent civilians they target. When put under these situations, the government should push forward and achieve justice for the people, the families. In some cases, war is not the answer but when dealing with people who only want you to be afraid of them, it just may be the only answer. Terrorism is a global problem that has affected thousands of people’s lives forever. Terrorism is an act done in the hopes of leaving people in terror, the government tends to increase security which includes fighting back. Terrorism can only truly be defined by its root word: terror. It is a crime meant to terrorize others (Nielsen par 6). Terrorists tend to act in envy rather than greed and take pleasure in the misfortune of others (Bolt par 6). They don’t target what the person has but more of who obtains the object. “Terrorists will never be satisfied until the object of their hatred is destroyed”(Bolt par 11). They believe if they can’t have it, nobody can in a quest for more power and control. There is a fine line between greed and envy. Greed targets more the possession of the object while envy focuses on who has that object. Terrorism is a severe act of envy that tends to result in destruction and aims to incite fear in its victims. “The act was pure destruction, an act designed for one end: terror.” (Bolt par 9). They want the communities that are the target of their attacks to be afraid to send their children to school, to go to work, to go to the grocery store. When your people’s sense of safety has been breached, the government should show them that they will not cower in the face of sudden danger, but we will attack it head-on. On September 11th, 2001, a terrorist attack conducted by Osama Bin Laden, was initiated on American soil in an attempt to arouse fear in the people. But instead of allowing other innocent civilians to be harmed at the brutal, unforgiving hands of the extremists, America fought back with the best they could to protect the American people. A “great deal” was done in the name of that attack(“A Place for Peace”). The American government reacted in the way they were meant to, an eye for an eye, while still staying within the means of moral equivalence. In former President George Bush’s Address that followed the attack, he showed he took action by directing “the full resources for our intelligence and law enforcement to find those responsible and bring them to justice.” Ten years later, while President Barack Obama was in office, justice was served and Osama Bin Laden was found and executed. The government took even further action by “the FBI shifted its directiveCNN from law enforcement to terrorism prevention returning its emphasis to proactive domestic surveillance,”(Masters par 11). The government, in the previous example, gave the appropriate response to these attacks and brought justice to the American people. Other sources may say that reacting in anger and violence will only result in chaos, however silence and letting continue without interruption will not resolve anything. It will allow them to believe they won, that we are afraid of them. In a previous paragraph, moral equivalence was mentioned. Moral equivalence is doing what one person did to you back with equal force/damage, fighting fire with fire. This is the reaction that should be given in these circumstances. Peace and communication can only be met when both sides are willing to negotiate, but when all the other side yearns for is fear and destruction you must fight for your peace and solitude. “America and our friends and allies join with all those who want peace and security in the world and we stand together to win the war against terrorism,”(“President Bush’s Address to the Nation”). Peace and security can only be accomplished when danger no longer lurks and fear no longer controls us. The day Osama Bin Laden was killed was a day of unity for all Americans that live in hope of justice and peace(“President Bush’s Address to the Nation”). Peace is something we all wish to accomplish, but we must keep in mind that no terrorist negotiate. Until the day where we get to walk with no fear through the land of the free and the home of the brave, we will continue to fight to keep it safe.

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