The that it is sitting on solid rock.

 The moon is one of the best features of the night sky and it hasintrigued many brilliant minds for centuries. Recently it was announced thathumans could colonize and be living there as soon as 2040. Twenty years ago wemanaged to successfully send a camera 1.2 billion kilometres across space and receivephotos from that far away. In 1969 NASA managed to send three men out of earth’satmosphere and to the moon. People believe that the moon landings were fake,these are the main reasonsOne of the main reasons people believe it was fake is because when theastronauts were putting up the flag it looked like it was blowing in the windand there is no wind on the moon. The real reason the flag was moving wasbecause it was held up by poles which when they were being lifted it gave theflag an effect like it was being blown by the wind.

  The flag pole is made of a light metal so it wouldcontinue to move after the astronauts had finished putting it up.Another reason why people believe the moon landing was fake was becausethey believe the astronauts could not have survived the trip to the moon becauseof exposure to radiation. The short exposure time to the radiation and theprotection from the space craft means any exposure would be very low. Another reason is there is no blast crater visible in the pictures ofthe landing site. This is because the landing module lands on rock rather thansand so it would not leave behind any trace. Further more people believe it to be fake because thelanding module weighs a lot and leaves no mark this is due to the fact that itis sitting on solid rock.There are manyreasons why the moon landing was rea.

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One significant one is that they broughtback rock. These rocks were completely different to the ones found on earth sothe only explanation is that they came from the moon. Another, reason that it isn’t fake is wecan see it.

Some people claim that if it was real we would be able to see itwith telescopes. This is not true; it is just too far away. However we can seethe landing sites because of the reconnaissance orbiteer. In 2008 Japaneseastronauts took pictures of the landing site and they match the same picturethat the Apollo crew took. People think that it was fake because they believein the photos the astronauts took you would be able to see the stars. Howeverthe landings take place in the lunar morning so the stars would not be visiblein the photos.

Overall there are many reasons why people believe the moon landingswere faked but there is evidence to show all these reasons have a validexplanation the main proof of these being the Chinese astronauts taking photosof the landing site which look exactly the same as the photographs by theApollo astronauts. Also the lunar rocks that they brought back which have noresemblance to any rocks found on earth is another key point in proving thatthe moon landings were real. 

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