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The book Summer of the Monke s is about a boy, by the name of Jay Berry, 
who captures monkeys in the river bottoms of Cherokee Nation for a reward, 
because these monkeys have escaped from a circus train. The story takes place on a 
land known as Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma, a small town where Jay Berry and 
Daisy grow up in the late 1800’s. On one summer day, Jay Berry discovers that 
circus monkeys have been roaming in the river bottom of Cherokee Nation, and 
that there is a reward for whoever captures them and returns them to the circus. In 
order to capture the monkeys, Jay must keep it a secret that the circus monkeys are 
lurking in the river bottom, or else, people will be rushing to capture them. The 
setting of the book affects the plot by taking place in an area where the monkeys 
could escape and hide. If Cherokee nation or the river bottom had never existed, 
Jay Berry and the monkeys would never have met, and the adventure of catching 
the monkeys would never have happened. 
Jay Berry must complete his goal and mission to capture the monkeys that 
have escaped from the circus train and receive the money. The inciting incident of 
the story was when Jay Berry had found out that the circus monkeys were in the 
river bottom and a reward would be given to whoever captures and returns them to 
the circus. One of the main events is when Jay sets up his traps but finds that 
catching the monkeys was going to be very difficult, which motivated him more 
than ever to catch them. This main event, leads to the climax because Jay’s 
determination had allowed him to succeed in his mission which led to him having 
good consequences and effects. The main events are related to the conflict because 
they show how the characters’ work together to solve the problem. Jay and his 
family lure and catch the monkeys at a time when the monkeys are not defensive 
and are miserable, which would make it easier to capture them. At the end of the 
story, Jay Berry captures the monkeys and receives the money. He then decides 
between to ponies to buy, but then decides to give the money to Daisy to fix her 
leg. The rest of the family also gives all the money they saved up to fix Daisy’s 
leg. A few days later, Daisy comes back walking again with her leg fixed and not 
twisted anymore. 
The main characters of the story include, Jay Berry, Daisy, Rowdy, and 
Grandpa. The supporting characters are Mama and Papa. Jay Berry, a boy and 
Daisy, a girl, are the children of Mama and Papa and the grandchildren to Grandpa. 
Unfortunately, Daisy was born with a twisted leg and can’t walk. Rowdy is a blue 
tick hound and the companion of Jay Berry. Grandpa is the grandfather of Jay and 
Daisy. Mama or, Sara Lee is the mother of Jay and Daisy, and Papa or Bob Lee is 

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