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The process of cellular manufacturing will maybe here in several stages as mentioned (wood cutting – sanding – machining – carving – manual assembly). Here, the cost here will only be at the beginning of assembling and organizing the machines and setting up the place, but you need to study to control the process. And the benefits to be achieved from the establishment of cellular manufacturing the Price competition, delivery and access to more orders, as well as the non-financial benefits of cellular manufacturing reduce the time of preparation, which leads to reducing the reduction in production time period, the period of delivery of the demand and thus here in cellular manufacturing also improves the morale of workers, which leads to increased profits and so on It is processed The problem that the company suffers from.Dean said that there is a lot of unused factory floor space. and I think that it is necessary to study the best place suitable for the machines to be used and the workers to be able to increase and speed of production and not delay in delivery And then discuss the director of woodworking to convince him in a simplified way to solve the problem of delay in delivery and complexity in productivity.It is possible to use a binary method of ordering algorithm that helps to divide the number of products into groups according to the machines or the substation stations, and then help his in facilitating the formation of cellular manufacturing process.In the past, there was a complexity in the process of manufacturing, which led to delay in delivery, but the quality was high, either as the department of joinery cellular manufacturing will be delivered in time and increase profits while maintaining good quality,The processes in the past are not arranged and there is no single flow of operations. But with cellular manufacturing, these processes will be organized through the organization or division of the manufacturing stages into cells where each stage of the product production needs certain machines located in one cell and another product in other machines in a cell Second, manufacturing is done more closely with the process being monitored more clearly.I expect that it is desirable to distinguish the work environment and this may support workers’ morale more and encourage them in the new system of manufacturing, and also may help to distinguish in the knowledge of the difference in production efficiency from other processes or departments.When the departments (machine – workers) are not organized and time is determined for each cell, or resources are not used properly, this leads to a significant increase in the cellular manufacturing process and thus the problem will not be solved. The delay in delivery may also be expensive or problematic if there are machines are not necessary to use through the process.

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