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The third carefully thought out function from David Ulrich to HR is about being a hero/champion for the employees. Before elaborating on this role, let’s consider the following situation. Today all the corporations have the difficult task of with competing globally. The protective trade barriers that at one time existed to make the domestically owned companies huge monopolies are no more. If any organization fails to meet international standards, it is out of the business. In this scenario, employees are under tremendous work pressure. With this kind of demanding work relationships, employees do not bother to contribute anything other than their time. According to David, organizations cannot truly succeed until and unless their employees are sincerely engaged in their work. Thus HR has to work towards raising employees’ satisfaction levels, finding out factors that lead to low morale and making sure that they are removed. David Ulrich has very beautifully explained how the HR can achieve this. Keeping the employees motivated is what the companies today need and David was quick to spot that in 1998 only. But with a new era, there has been an emergence of new methods to achieve exactly this – like work-life balance, flextime, and work from home.

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