The through a long transition period regarded as

The passage from childhood to maturity is marked
through a long transition period regarded as adolescence. Adolescence is
commonly considered to commence with puberty, the process that leads to sexual
maturity. This duration is marked together with most important physical,
cognitive and psychological changes. Cognitive maturity is frequently
considered to coincide with the capacity for abstract thinking. Emotional
maturity may depend on certain achievements as finding one’s identity, becoming
independent of parents, increasing a system about values, and manufacturing

The physical changes that
take place all through the early years of youth have an effect on the
individual’s behavioral level which leads to reevaluations and shifting of
values. Adolescents commence to bear an intense feeling of instability which is
fast intensified by the ambiguous treatment they obtain from their parents and
teachers. Adolescents usually are faced with rapid physical change accompanied
with sexual maturity to them these changes seem more plentiful and less easy to
solve. Mostly it is seen that most adolescents are decisive in nature when
given the freedom they often dread from responsibility and usually question
their capacity to cope with difficulties, as they are inexperienced at the same
time want to feel independent many adolescents get upset as their solutions do
not always come up to their potential. Teens are faced with adjusting to growing bodies and
newly received sexual characteristics. They have to learn to manage sexual
emotions and according to engage among wholesome sexual behaviors. This
challenge consists of establishing a sexual identification and increasing the
skills for romantic relationships.

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Most adolescents are largely
concerned with their bodily changes and experience dissatisfaction which causes
development of unfavorable self concept and lack of self esteem. Extreme
concerns with body image may lead to obsessive efforts to control weight.

 Middle adolescence is marked by the manifestation on
instant thinking skills. The intellectual world concerning the young person is
all of sudden significantly expanded. Although peers still play an necessary
role in the life of middle adolescents, they are increasingly self-directed.
Their issues in regard to friends are greater directed towards their opposite
sexed peers. It is also at some point of this duration that the career to
establish psychological independence from one’s parents accelerates. Much about
theirs psychological energies are directed toward preparing for adult roles or
working preliminary decisions about individual goals. Despite some convict
behavior, middle adolescence is a period during which young people are oriented
toward what is right and proper. They are developing a sense of behavioral
maturity and learning to monitor their impulsiveness.

 Late adolescence is marked by the remaining
preparations for adult roles.  Late
adolescents try to crystallize their vocational desires and to establish
experience regarding personal identity. Their desires for companion approval
are humbled and it is largely psychologically independent from their parents.



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