The care quality and safety in the United

The principal of the problem are current complex organization problems, with the same complex result; there are troubles that have the future to affect all individuals at different levels, influence health, the supportable health services, and likely to long-term financial profitability of the country.

The role of government has experience and is current to be American favorite  entertainment. A framework is providing the understanding in the three roles that government do in better health care quality and safety in the United States.  Public health initiatives include efforts to promote free and open information to facilitate informed decision making, protect individuals from being harmed by other individuals and groups, and facilitate societal action to promote and protect health. A second key role of government is to protect individuals from preventable harm caused by other individuals or groups. An individual’s right to engage in particular conduct may affect others (“your right to swing your fist ends at my nose”). A third key role of government is to protect and promote health through population-wide action. Governmental action is often a more effective and efficient means of protecting public health than the actions of individuals. 

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Government’s responsibility to protect and advance the interests of society includes the delivery of high-quality health care. Because the market alone cannot ensure all Americans access to quality health care, the government must preserve the interests of its citizens by supplementing the market where there are gaps and regulating the market where there is inefficiency or unfairness. Government has a responsibility to implement effective public health measures that increase the information available to the public and decision makers, protect people from harm, promote health, and create environments that support healthy behaviors. The ultimate goal of achieving high quality of care will require strong partnerships among federal, state, and local governments and the private sector. The health, financial, and productivity gains from public health actions benefit individuals and society as a whole.

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