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The definition of a human is not as simple as most believe, which is that they are made with flesh and bones, with two opposable thumbs. Being human is composed of a variety of traits that any other type of creature may possess. Being sensible of others torment, being sensible to issues. Staying alert. Staying alert for me is recognizing what is going on the planet, is thinking about what’s happening, staying alert is knowing and needing to help.

The most imperative piece of being human for me isn’t being aloof. Not being apathetic regarding the others torment, not being unconcerned with nature, not being not interested in the issues we confront today. The core of being human is that one doesn’t look for flawlessness, that one is here and there ready to submit sins for allegiance. The inescapable cost of falling in love or being a fear to other human beings.

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To sacrifice years of beliefs, knowledge, as well as gaining new information as the years continue are multiple factors of being a human. A person is a piece of the entire, called by us universe, a section restricted in time and space. The ideality of wealth and greed is a sort of hallucination that is a jail for us, confining us to our own wants and to fondness for a couple of people closest to us. We practice day to day routines that may change by any minute or time, yet we have grown accustomed to this transition. Being a human is to be a more complex minded creature that is as a result supreme to other beings.

To be an individual intends to have a sentiment mediocrity which always presses towards its own triumph. From the small victories to the large ones, we dedicate these triumphs to those who love us, and even sacrifice these triumphs for the people who care for dearly. However, we may be more complexed, this leads to humans having the ability to express deviant traits. To kill for no reason, to rob for self-benefit, and to lie for self gain, these are a few attributes, most humans, commit to on a daily basis, for our brains travel across a vast range of qualities.



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