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The HTML comment element is use to add a comment to an HTML document. In HTML document comment elements use to disable code of a page, which you are testing but that is not ready yet. The HTML comment elements begin with .The HTML comment elements are not displayed in the web browser, its use to insert comment in the source code. Follow the HTML comments properly use in your HTML document. For example:123456789 HTML – Comments Multiline CommentsUse HTML comment elements you can comment multiple lines text of a HTML page. Comment multiple line text start tag and place text in this tag.HTML comment can span multiple line in you HTML document.Informative text comments when you explain to the code.Multiline Comments example:123456789101112131415            Multiline Comments                Conditional CommentsHTML conditional comments are nothing more than simple HTML comments that will be picked up by Internet Explorer.Conditional comments only work in IE.Comments between and .A conditional comment block that is ignored by down-level browsers. Conditional Comments example:12345678910111213141516            Conditional Comments                Special instructions for IE 6 here                     

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    Using Comment TagHTML comment tag represents to insert comment in the source HTML code. The HTML comment tag supports few browsers and its start with tag and end with tag.Example:12345678910111213141516171819          Comment Tag  


HTML comment tag is not support Internet Explorer.

    Commenting Script CodeYou must make a note that if you are using Java Script in your HTML code. You will give a comment in Java Script using HTML comment. It is recommended to put that script code inside proper HTML page comments.Example:123456789101112131415161718          Commenting Script Code                        

Script Code comment

    Commenting Style SheetsYou will learn Style Sheet with HTML for make page document another format and make some design. In HTML you must make a note that if you are using CSS in your HTML document. It is recommended to put that style sheet code inside proper HTML comments.Example:123456789101112131415161718          Commenting Style Sheets            


Example Style Sheets Comment


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