The it is the means and channels of

purpose of this study is to improve communication in The Pie Company. This is
due to the diversity of the company. This is due to the known benefits of good
communication. Communication within an organization is known as internal
communication, and it is the means and channels of communications used by
employees within a company to communicate with each other in the day to day
running of a business. This is important because the roles in a business are
connected to each other in that they are either dependent on each other or they
overlap. For productivity in an organization, therefore, there is the need for
the employees of the employees of an organization to know how to communicate
properly with each other so as to achieve the organization’s goals. This
appears to be the problem at Pie Company. The cause of the communication
problems within the company is the lack of proper communication due to the
diversity in the employee composition. The diversity causes employees to think
that they cannot effectively work with each other (Wiersema, Margarethe, and
Bantel 102).

Company is a consultancy house that was formed in 2013. Its leader, CEO, and
founders are a former government advisor in the Obama administration until 2013
when he decided to form his own consulting company. He is called John Rostov.
Due to the raving reviews he received from being Obama’s adviser, John felt
that by resigning and opening a private consulting company, he could serve more
clients. And true to this, when he opened his consulting company in 2013,
clients came in fast. He advised both government institutions and private
companies on diverse issues ranging from economics, finance, political and so

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the client base for Pie Company grew, the company also increased its employee
numbers. By August 2017, the company had 105 employees. These employees were
from a diverse background. The diversity of the employees was not by default
but rather by design. The first’s reason for this is because due to the
increase in globalization, workers had more freedom to move all over the world.
However, they preferred companies who had diversity in them as they would feel
accepted and comfortable working in such an environment. So as to attract the
best workers in the market pool who took diversity seriously, the company
decided to hire diverse employees. Moreover, diversity in employs is seen as a
strategic and competitive advantage in business. By having employees who are
diverse, the corporations, including Pie Company, are able to get diverse views
and opinions on the market and needs of customers. This, therefore, enables
them to give advice that is tailor-made for the prospective customer. At Pie
Company, there is diversity in the employee composition. This diversity is in
terms of the employee’s gender, sexual orientation, education, experience, age,
culture, religion, personality, and so on. With such a diverse culture,
however, it has come with communication challenges. This is especially so when
they need to work in teams to solve a client’s issues and come up with a
solution (Mahon, John, and Carla, Millar 560).









Research method

The staff in the company
work from 8 am in the morning to 5 pm in the evening from Monday to Friday. On
Saturdays, the only work half days until noon. The office layout in the company
is an open office layout. Only the CEO has his own office. The company did this
in a bid to promote communication and collaboration among employees in
completing teamwork tasks. The mission of Pie Company is to create and diverse
knowledge that is tailor-made for the specific needs of the company’s clients.
The goals of the company are to achieve the aforementioned organizational goal
through effective teams work and collaboration so as to come up with the best
solution for customer needs. The organization realizes the importance of
collaboration and teamwork in achieving the mission of the company.

In conducting the study,
questionnaires with all the employees were employed to collect data. The
questionnaires used leading questions. 
By using leading questions, it enabled the researcher to ask direct
questions that related to the study, which is why the current communication
strategies were not sufficient in the diverse work environment they were under.
Apart from questionnaires, interviews were also used to collect data on the
effectiveness of the current communication strategies used within the company.
The purpose of using interviews was so as to supplement the questionnaires
distributed to all the employees. Interviews helped the researcher to seek
clarification on questions in the questionnaire that were not sufficiently
answered. It also gives the respondents a chance to answer relevant questions
which they feel was not in the questioners (Creswell, John and Creswell 345).



Research findings and organizational
issue summary

The research finding
showed that the most used forms of communication within Pie Company were
internal newsletters and emails. Due to the diversity of the organization, the
employees felt that they were inadequate in the knowledge of the culture,
religion, etc., of their workmate. They, therefore, avoided personal
communication so as not to commit a faux pas and ruin the relationship. This
70% of the employees said that they preferred the use of emails. This is because
it allowed them to communicate formally and decrease the need for personal
communication that may be detrimental. Unfortunately, the form of communication
had a disadvantage in that information that needed to be passed and acted upon
urgently would sometimes be delayed. This is because employees do not check
their emails regularly. The other most used means of communication is
newsletters. 90% of the departmental heads said that they preferred newsletter
as a form of communication. This is because it allowed them the space to pass
all the company information that needed communicating, but with minimum contact
with the employees. The disadvantage to this type of communication is that it
depends on an employees’ understanding of the messages passed. If employees do
not get the message passed due to lack of reading or it’s being lost in
translation, then the company’s achievement of goals will be at a disadvantage.






Internal communication program

The leadership standards
of the CEO of the company John we rated via the use of Blake and Mouton
Managerial Grid. This grid rates leaders based on their concern for
relationships and as well as concern for tasks. On this front, John Rostov
performs poorly. This is because he doesn’t seem too concerned with the relationship
that the employees work with him have. The diversity of the employee in the
company has caused a breakdown in communication due to the fear of not knowing
the right thing to say and not wanting to offend the other person.
Consequently, John has not made any efforts so far to try and resolves this.
Via the use of the Blake and Mouton Managerial Grid, Rostov will be able to
care for the employees and devise ways to make them communicate better (Modaff,
Daniel, Butler, and DeWine).

Based on the information-transfer
approach, therefore, the company ranks low. The information-transfers approach
views communication as an important channel through which communication flows
from one person to another. The language used allows employees to transfer
information and emotions from one person to another. At Pie Chart Company, the
employees’ information-transfer approach is poor due to the diversity of the
employees. Employees are therefore not able to put their feelings and thoughts
into words. The new communication strategy should, therefore, be done in such a
way that it allows listeners to receive and easily decode the feelings and
thoughts of the communicator. If implemented well, the information-transfer
approach will enable the employees to communicate effectively, hence allowing
the company to achieve its goals (Caputo, Francesco, et al. 79).








Internal communication program

The internal
communication program will enable the employees at Pie Company to communicate
effectively and pass information amongst each other promptly, despite their

The main goal of the
programs is:

•    The staff of Pie Company to be aware of the
company’s mission and value.

•    Ease the relationship of employees despite
their diversity.

•    Mutate employees to collaborate with each

Key messages

•    Gathering the input and suggestions of
staff on how communication among them can be improved.

•    Collecting feedback from them on the
effectiveness of the program regularly.

In-person communication

The company should encourage
in-person communication among the employees of the company. This will enable
the employees of the company to be able to interact with personal levels and
break any barriers that may be present. To implement this efficiently, the
company should limit the use of emails to only sending documents which are in
soft copy. All other internal communication within the company should be done
in person. In-person communication leads to better productivity because
sensitive issues within the office can be discussed, and body language can be
read such that one can tell what the communicator wants. This is unlike the
email form of communication where emotions and non-verbal cues cannot be read
(Colleoni, & Elanor 245).

Social events

The company should
organize social events within the company. These social events may include
birthdays, shared lunches, Friday social outings, end of year parties, and so
on. By having these social functions, it removes the office setting factor, and
this allows employees to communicate properly without the fear of diversity
coming up. By having a good out of work relationship through better
communication, this will be replicated to the company in the long-run
(Colleoni, & Elanor 247).

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