The traditional processes redundant.Wiring up a recording studio

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Last updated: June 9, 2019

The recent development in the quality of wireless technology in audio production has changedthe equipment used by many audio producers making many traditional processes redundant.Wiring up a recording studio is a perfect example of the dramatic impact made by wirelesscommunications. In recent times the wiring of a recording studio took careful consideration andplanning. Traditionally a recording studio required an assortment of both voltage and audiocables. Running electrical and audio cables parallel to one another may at times be convenient,more ascetically pleasing and reduce the likelihood of hazards, such as risks of tripping onloose cables and tugging but it increases the ability of interference from the electrical to theaudio cable. To reduce this risk it is recommended that the voltage electrical wires are run highand audio cables are run low which reduces the number of viable locations for a recordingstudio.

Many audio producers still prefer the traditional wired method because there arelimitations to the built in pre-amplifiers which the wireless microphones offer as opposed to thevast range of external pre-amplifiers that can be used in conjunction with a wired microphone.Wireless connectivity however, enabled many positive changes in how and where people createaudio media. Most audio production typically requires the use of a computer, a DAW( DigitalAudio Workstation), an audio interface, microphones, headphones, studio monitors, amicrophone stand and a pop filter. All of which, with the exception of the microphone stand andpop filter, prior to the recent mainstream development of wireless connectivity technologyrequired wires to each other as well as to a power source.Headphones are a vital part of equipment when producing recording and mixing audio. Closedback headphones are used for recording tracks and open back headphones are for mixing.

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Bothtypes of headphones are now available with wireless technology along with noise cancellationtechnology. This advancement in readily available technology provides a producer with theoption to even mix-down a track in a public and noisy place and still be able to achieve a greatquality production. With no cables there is no worry of noise from the movement and or tanglingof the cables. This is very useful especially when recording live audio.

Using a wireless microphone has the same benefits. Wireless connectivity however still hastransmission restrictions.


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