The trend using two ideas

The trend using two ideas, which is organizational learning and the learning organization (West, 1994) to understand how learning occurs in the organization (Tsang, 1997). Easterby-Smith (1997) says there are many secondary data of LO is based on the case studies of organizations that have successful and sometimes depend on public relations than on any grounded studies. For examples, successful LO is Sony. In addition, Eastweby-Smith (1997) say learning within organizations is increasingly important to sustaining a competitive advantage. Therefore, if the organization need to know the theory and practice of organizational learning to adopt both learning concept to competitiveness.
Tsang (1997) defined LO refers to a specific type of organization in and of itself while organizational learning is a type of activity carried out in an organization. Furthermore, LO is the highest level of organizational learning, in which an organization has the capacity to change themselves and even the development or their members (Argyris & Schon, 1978). A LO is an organization skilled at creating, acquire, transform, use the information and knowledge, behavior to make new knowledge and insights. These are the foundation for organizational learning and improvement.
Garvin (1993) found that many organizations can develop skills in create and acquire knowledge but few of them successful to apply it. This outlines the importance of understanding the process by which organization can change by themselves rather forced themselves. (Senge, 1991; Garvin, 1993; Coopey, 1996) think that LO is skilled at activities which enables them to develop learning.

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