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The first presupposition of postmodernism is, there is a “critical stance toward taken-for-granted knowledge”, or in other words, one must take time to identify the way they came to understanding of their own world “culture, race, gender, class, and sexual orientation” (Mini-Lecture Transcript, 2017).  Personally, at younger age my parents told me who I was comparing the world around me. Know, I’m discovering that’s not a fixed state and I can describe myself different then what my parents would.

The second presupposition “historical and cultural specificity”, meaning that the way each person understands the word is historically and culturally explicit to that person (Mini-Lecture Transcript, 2017). For example, the concept of gay marriage in the USA has changes since the early 1970’s. The third presupposition is that “knowledge and social action go together” (Mini-Lecture Transcript, 2017). An example of this is our beauty standers.  Beauty has changed over time to do to our knowledge changing and people’s response as society.

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 A basic application of these presuppositions of postmodernism to marriage and family therapy is that they promote awareness of the diversity issues that a therapist may encounter with any given client, thus increasing the therapist’s sensitivity and understanding to these diversity issues (Gerhart, 2014).The relationship between postmodernism and systems theories is they both emphasis that individual problems don’t arise from individual alone. But rather, from their enviermental. And how to make sense of the way we behave and the way we judge others.

What I find compelling about postmodernism is how it makes me think outside the box. Makes me think about power, privilege and oppression in every situation. Which then give us therapist ability to see injustice and unfairness with either self or intergenerational patterns. What I find confusing personally is that postmodernism can people enabled to take responsibility and in away we are pathologizing people by saying drunkenness is addiction. I guess my question is where is the line? And how to hold people accountable of their actions. I don’t have any questions regarding the connections between MFT and postmodernism.



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