The which was the closure of the Driving

The review committee of ESI recommended closing the Clerks and the software Institute because it was proving to be a “White elephant” in order to decrease   the “Teeth to Tail” rate. And that was the first senior executive decision for Pran Kishore.

Furthermore, state centre directors will control the training of clerks and computer software programmers within their own resources before being posted to sub-centers/project places. Then, to facilitate preliminary training, a few training staff of the institute of various state centers against the field vacancy and that was agreed by the general director. Moreover, He similarly appreciated that the saving so accrued could be fruitfully applied in the main project work. In the year 1990, the views of the Director General prevailed to close the institute. Then, in the subsequent year, the Driving and Maintenance institute were closed. As a result, Pran kishore tried to make new ways of training the staff before posted to project locations, and this was his goal behind this decision to focus on the main project work.The second senior executive decision was taken by Chaman Lal.

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In 1990, Pran Kishore retired and Chaman Lal took his place as a new Director General for ESI. Then he stopped the decision of closure the Driving and Maintenance institute. In addition, he tried to identify the problem and find the solution, so vehicle and plant drivers would not be able to adopt a group of workers extended a period of time in adverse terrain and climate situations. In my point of view, Chaman lal was the right one, because he had taken into account the previous decision of Pran Kishore which was the closure of the Driving and Maintenance institute and he stopped it. Furthermore, he saw that the close of the clerks and software were not a good idea, it will affect the quantity of staff because the directors of the state centers will not make under control the training of clerks and computer software programmers before they are posted to projects locations. Subsequently, I saw that the decision of Chaman lal was more rational than the other one and he used the reasonable solutions for the institute. The next decision of Chaman Lal must be reopon the Clerks and Software Institute, Nagpur, as I mentioned before, the staff will need to improve and develop their skills and be under control of the   directors of the state centers who would train within their own recourses before being posted to sub-centers/project locations, and that give them a chance to develop their talents and get used to the work atmosphere.

And that helps the institute of state centers be more successful, and the staff work easily with each other. As a result, Clerks and Software Institute defined as the best way of training the quantity of staff in state centers and we cannot say the opposite of that. Overall, this decision must be applied into all the institutes because it is very important for the trainees to pass from it to know who to deal with the pressure and to develop their skills before starting the work to get a better result for the state centers. 



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