The will not be found for either disorder.

The diet is perceived by the majority ofparents to have positive effects on various aspects of the children functioning.

There are indications that it may not be the core measurements of autisticsymptomatology that are influenced most effectively by the diet. This pointdeserves further consideration in dietary intervention studies designed for theidentification of moderating variables. A stronger focus is on comparability ofresults across studies in order to allow for the analysis of trends in the useof treatment options. There were drop outs during trials and study sample lessand short term although behavioral  changes were  significant. Impaired communication inautistic individuals has led to difficulties in communicating gastrointestinaltract symptoms but could also make physicians hesitant to perform any procedure.Both autism and ADHD appear to involve a broadrange of genetic, prenatal, social, developmental, nutritional, andenvironmental factors, only one single cause will not be found for eitherdisorder.

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Well-controlled studies with multiple interventional protocols like drugs,nutrition, behavioral , social therapy and environmental controls   areneeded in order to develop better treatment protocols in future.Autism and ADHD   are thedisorders which have no known cure parents often feel helpless wanting franticallyto help their children. They often look for the “magical” intervention ratherthan appreciating that successful treatment involves a variety of educational,behavioral, and parental interventions. A   sufficient  scientific  rigor   in  few  studies   were conducted and the outcome of these studiescan be considered as weak evidence at best. None of   the studiesfulfilled an experimental control meeting. Glutenataxia, the  clinical  associations   of   antibodies,gliadin and cerebellar peptides .In children with autism this epitope isresponsible for cross-reactive antibody production  but it should be confirmed by HLA typing andMRI of the brain.


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