The with the dedicated students in the classroom,

The RoyalRoads University has everything that I am looking for, interms of qualityeducation from the experienced and qualified professors, affordable education,international recognized, safe place to study, multicultural environment, andcampus lifestyle. The RoyalRoads University’s reputation for excellence in bridging student’s abilitiesand potential is the influence for my decision to pursue undergraduate programin the first place. It’s one of the best University that provides leadershipand management education.I stronglyfeel the degree in entrepreneur management will help me an accomplish my academicand career goals. I want a wide variety of knowledge in order to gain the necessaryskills and the opportunity to interact with different people in order to becomea professional and well-organized entrepreneur. For this reason, the need of gettingadvanced knowledge in management is very reasonable.

My interest includes planning,organizing, develop, networking, mentoring, and other entrepreneurresponsibilities. This degreewill enable me to acquire management tactics and research skills. Aftercompletion of my entrepreneurship studies, I plan to be back to my country whereI can use the knowledge I learned at the Royal Roads University to manage,conduct research, and maintain entrepreneurship practice.Mycontribution to a program and university as a whole includes fullyparticipation in and outside of the classroom, attend group discussions orpresentation, research work and other University activities, I am convincedthat by studying alongside with the dedicated students in the classroom, I willbe able to engage myself and building a strong team, finding materials in thelibrary and uses effectively learning resources to gain more information abouta certain topic and share the ideas to my fellow students.

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A part fromthat I do involves myself in extracurricular activities such as academic teamsand clubs, volunteer work, sports team e.g. football, rugby. I am sure toacquire management knowledge and learn from professors together with researchfacilities, I will have the skills and ideas that will enable me to be a goodentrepreneur.In 5-10years to come, which I believe with the guidance of the experienced and qualifiedprofessors in the Royal Roads University, I can see myself possess excellent entrepreneurshipand management capabilities. I will exercise initiative by organizing the businessactivities to take advantage of an opportunity, and as a decision maker, I decideswhat and how the resources are needed in order to conduct the business.

I will beable to provide leadership in entrepreneur management section, where I have todevelop a new service or product and put it into marketplace. If I put togetherthe hardworking, research skills and development is what will make me to becomea successful entrepreneur.Thank youfor your time and consideration in my application. It would be an honor topursue the entrepreneur management undergraduate studies at the Royal RoadsUniversity. I hope to get a chance to prove myself that I have what it takes toaccomplish my career goals.



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