Theory, Design, and Specification

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Last updated: April 25, 2019

Michelle Caudillo CheckPoint: Theory, Design, and Specification I. Head Start Program Mission: To provide services to low income families and children to help them thru become educated in leading healthy and safe lives.

The benefits of the services include medical, dental, education, and counseling during the program to become self-sufficient. Grant funds are used to provide the services. Once a child reaches the age to start kindergarten, they and their families are released from the program.

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II. Program Design a. Set specific goals b. Create objectives to reach the goals c. Volunteer medical and dental facilities for health and dental care for those without insurance 1. Speak to Doctors and Dentist in the community about the program d. Create an internal evaluation 1.

Evaluate staff performance with handling each case with confidentiality 2. Review state laws and regulations for confidentiality III. Program Services a. Benefits provided 1.Education for children 2.

Medical care 3. Dental care 4. Counseling 5.

Special needs testing with school board 6. Food baskets 7. Home visits The reasoning behind creating an organization like this is to provide better life for children and their families in low income families.

Some children have IEP’s but parents don’t know how to go about what to do to help their child. In public school an IEP can be confused with a discipline issue which I know first-hand.In the program the child is in a class with a smaller teacher to student ratio due to the class size regulations and in most cases can be more likely noticed.

The program also helps with providing benefits that otherwise cannot be received due to high costs such as medical and dental which are very important in every child’s life. The families do need help with feeding their children and that help is there as well in the program.


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