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There are many interpretation in well being.
The oxfort disctionery the find -………………………….In supporting individuals with well
being it’sessential to understand what this means to them , this includes
beingsafe, having somewhere suitable to life, being involved in making decision
that impact people life, having friends and beingpart ofgood gtrong
communities,  having every chance to do
well in education, feeling good about the life. For adults – being able to
work, for children – being able to grow up happy and successfully and being
well looked after.

Supporting the well being of individuals is in
important part of their role as is helping people achieve what matters to them.

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Making sure people hwo need care and support
and carers hwo need  support can the join
well being in every area in their lifes.

Well being -people have a responsibility for
their own wellbeing but some people will need help to achieve this. The astwill
change the way social services, health nad other care and support services work
together  to help and support people.

A wider range of preventative approaches will
help people live as independently as possible – reducing the need for more
formal care and support, for example Sion’s moving out of a residential
children’s home into his own flat, the support workers have been working with
Sion preparing for his move. He feels lonely , his after care worker suggests
he can joins a supper club for young people. He find the company and advice
support  in the club helped him adapt to
living on his own.

This act is designed to make sure that people
can ask for thehelp they need when they need it to prevent their situation
forgetting worse. Carers and access support to assist them in their caring
roles and maintain their own well-being.

Prevention and early intervention . This is
important to timely advice and support is provide to the individual to
prevention crisis point to them.Prevention and intervention may can huge
diference to people lives as can reduse to delay then need forlonger cere and

Some example when we can make sure people have
a strong voice and real control include look after children nd adults with care
and support need to have  access to
advocacy services to help their voices , thevies and choices. A child views
should be  being taken into consideration
when someone make a decision about their lives for example where they live,
enen that decision has to betaken to protective them from harm. The adults is a
title making decision that others may think are unwise or risky whenthere are
capasi to do so.

This is chance for individual to stay
independent for longer and to remain or become part of their communities with
the support with the families and friends.

Voice and control – the act put the person is
at the centre of decision making, gives people the stronger voice and greather
control over support they receive and promote their well being,  they can achieve what matters most for them.
This could be – having a safe and permanent home, be a albo to taking part in
activities they enjoy and being able to plan and cook  meal.

This is important the people to deliver care
and receiving care to understanding the principles and how is applying practive
– voice and control, prevention and early intervention, well being,
co-production and multi agency.

principles includes the code of professional practice for social care

These guide
how we work with people  and how services
will be deliver in the future

– the act is builton 5key principles

existing legislation for safeguarding children remains in place

new legal powers for a local authority to protect adults at risk

on relevant partners of a local authority such as health organisation  police and probation services to inform them
when it suspects a person isat risk

act’s  strengtnens safeguarding and
protection of adults and children

The act
applies to the care and support of adults – people over the age of 18, children
– people under the age of 18 and carers – adults and children who provider or
intend to provide care and support.

It’s3 p’s –
people parts principles.



to the intention of the Act, the focus is on individuals and the well-being
they want to achieve. This means providing them with a meaningful voice and
control over how to achieve this well-being. Local authorities are subject to a
general obligation (in accordance with Section 5) to promote the welfare of
‘needy’ people and carers.

simplifies how care and support will be delivered for people giving and for
people receiving care and support. The act consists 11 parts , its build 5
principles and finds the people the effects.

Tis act
modernizes and brings together different pieces of social care law. This has 3
elements – the ast, the regulations which provide more details on what the act
requires people to do and the code of practice which give the practice quidance
on how it should be implemented.


services need to remain responsive to the changing needs of the citizens they
serve.  The demographic, social and
economic context in Wales is changing: people are living longer; demand for
social care is increasing; there are economic pressures on family budgets and
on those organisations which support people in need.  We have not been able to put in place a
sufficient range of community and preventative services to help people early
enough or to stop problems arising.  This
means that when people finally do get care, it is more intensive and
costly.  Too much time, skills and
resources can go into over-elaborate assessment that does not help people with
the things they are concerned about or achieve the outcomes they want for
themselves.  The Social Services and
Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 is designed to address these concerns.  It is the most substantial piece of primary
legislation enacted by the Assembly and it will have a profound impact on the
provision of social care in Wales. 


The Carers Strategies (Wales) Measure 2010.

The Carers (Equal Opportunities) Act 2004, and

The Carers and Disabled Children Act 2000,

The Carers (Recognition and Services) Act 1995,

The Act repeals
the majority of existing community care legislation including:

Register of sight-impaired, hearing impaired and other
disabled people

Provision of information, advice and assistance, and

Social enterprises,

Preventative services,

Population assessments,


The Act covers also

Local councils now
must offer a carer’s assessment
to any carer where it appears to the council that the carer may have needs for
support. This is an important change, as previously a carer could only
request a carer’s assessment.

This removes the
requirement that carers must be providing ‘a substantial amount of care on a
regular basis’.

 a person who
provides or intends to provide care for an adult or disabled child.

The Act has a new
definition of a carer:

The Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014
came into force in April 2016 and includes significant changes for carers
including new rights and new duties on local councils.

law is very extensive, consolidating in one place many legal frameworks for
social services in Wales. It repeals many previous provisions and guidelines
regarding care and support and replaces them under this Act. Appendix 1 lists
the consequences of repealing and amending the existing primary law. The new
law is based on the White Paper ‘Sustainable social services for Wales: a
framework for action’ calling for modernization of care and support law in a
way that reflects the strengths of structures, systems and policies in Wales.

The social services and well-beingwalesAct 2014 is supposed to desighned  adress these problems .this is the most
substantial piece of primary legislation enacted by the Assembly and it will be
a profound inpact  on the provision of social
care in wales.

The gaverment for the last past years have not been able to put in place a
sufficient range of the community and preventative services to help people
early enough    or to stop the problems
arising. This means that when people finnaly after maybe a long while do get
care and it is more intensive and costly. Too much time, and skills also with
recources can go into overelaborate assessment that  doesn’t help people with the things they are
concered about or achieve the outcomes they want for themselves.

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