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There are an increasing number of extreme competitions including marathons, obstacle courses and triathlon events during the last decade or so. To get into rhythm for these events, many people go for trendy high intensity interval training or athletic programs to reach their fitness goals and maintain good health. However, the “work hard play hard” style of this hardcore exercise has developed a reputation for serious causes of injury over the years.
At the bottom of this extreme exercise are highly influencing  moves completed over short periods of time (sometimes without breaks even) that are designed to push players to the limit. Many do it for the last minute rush. Others do it because it pays off quickly and is convenient as well.

One of the well-known high intensity interval training programs is the popular Cross Fit pump and reconciling program which was introduced in the recent past. With more than 160 Cross Fit boxes in the Houston area, coaches say that the workout reawakens everyday body movements.
They are functional movements, like bench pressing, a trainee said as he demonstrated motions that looked like someone standing up from a sitting position and you can never predict what that is.
Yet, it is the high-speed, highly influencing, “give it all you have got” style of this interval training that many doctors prescribe would lead to serious and sometime repeated injury which would also lead to long term muscle related diseases.
This is an explosive type of exercise that they’re doing, very high intensity, whether it be with weights or cardio, a sports cardiologist with UT Health and Harris Health System. They’re also getting a lot motivation and adrenaline, and sometimes they may not feel that they’re getting hurt or injured during the actual exercise event.
Shoulder, spinal and knee injuries are among the most common injuries reported from fans of HIIT and programs like Cross Fit, though the number of injuries has been quite difficult to trace. A report from a relevant institution linked a significant number of overuse injuries to Cross Fit in particular. When Cross Fit interrupted the study, the particular institution issued a correction making hard data about the sport’s injuries difficult to point out.
One serious illness condition that has been associated with extreme exercise of all kinds is rhabdomyolysis. Known to Cross Fitters as Uncle Rhabdo, this illness condition is a breakdown of muscle tissue from over stretching. Muscle fibers end up in the blood vein stream, which can be damaging to the kidneys and also to the brain.

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Doctors state that it can be very risky and can cause a death even if not taken care properly. In fact, there have been many cases where young sportsmen who have developed Rhabdo, gone into the hospital and ended up dying at a very young age. It is very hard to cure such conditions through medical treatments.
To prevent injuries and other illnesses, trainees say what is most important is finding an experienced, well-practiced coach to guide you through high class workout sessions. Cross Fit uses an online portal to assist their clients in order find quality trainees.
If you are just starting your effort into HIIT well experienced players’ advice to look for a gym with smaller class and batch size. They do that so the athlete to coach man ratio is insignificant enough so that they can actually watch everybody in class and make sure everybody’s doing the workout efficiently, effortlessly and safely and also monitor each individual separately and advise them on correct methods to do so. Smaller batches are always productive. Especially in a field like fitness training it is very important to have private care on clients in order to make sure that they are in line with the rhythm and they are provided sound knowledge about the ideal training methodologies. This is can be quite costly, but you can’t be risking your fitness and life just for few dollars.
It is also important to identify your pain threshold. Doctors say there is a fine line between hardship that is challenging and discomfort that is unhealthy to move on with. But you got to take up the challenge to survive. Life is all about challenges. The moment you decide to give up you become a loser automatically. Some popular celebrities publish their workout stories to guide and motivate their fans on how to stick to a proper workout schedule and maintain consistency as well.
Hard work pays off. You got to calm your nerves until you get good results. It may take you months or years to reach that point. But once you reach that point there is nothing which could stop you. Simply nothing. Motivation is key. Great athletes like Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson and Serena Williams were able to restore their names in the hearts of millions of fans because they never gave up.

Among other tips offered by doctors and trainees, go low and slow if you’re new to HIIT workouts. Allow your body to recover and always combine any hardcore exercise with proper nutrition, relaxation and sleep.
You have to make sure that you train in a safe environment with high quality training equipment. And also a little music won’t harm your training session. Music lets you focus and strive for results. In order to be fit you first have to fun. Balance is key. Motivation is the key factor which balances things off. And whenever you feel down, stream some motivational videos to restore confidence and motivation within you. You shouldn’t Waite until your coach spoon feeds you everything. Certain ethics you have to learn on your own. People expect miracles to happen soon as they begin their session. Greatest things take greater times to give good results.

So be patient, don’t lose focus, motivate yourself, and don’t let others down you. Carry on the good rhythm within your body till you die.

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